Thursday, February 4, 2016

Restoran New Peng Wah @ Damansara Jaya

While there is a 'hype' going viral on social media regarding wishing tree removal, I on the other hand found a place where you'll sure to satisfy your crave, especially this chinese new year. Located near Atria Shopping Mall / GSC Head office in Damansara Jaya (SS22), Restoran New Peng Wah was established back in 1970 and three generation later, here it is serving scrumptious Chinese cuisine in Damansara Jaya.
Everyone who dine here during lunch will be serves with ABC soup at no additional cost with hours of boiling dedication where the taste and flavor is fully extracted and that aromatic and tasty soup.
Signature Deep Fried Ma Yau (Senangin) - RM 6.00 for 100g
You can hardly go wrong with deep fried fish dish, and the signature Ma Yau here is not just great, but deserves two thumbs up. They use fresh and meaty fish, deep fried until perfect crunchy texture, serves with shredded ginger and shower with soy sauce. It is amazing how simple ingredient like these make the dish such irresistible.
Signature Lala Soup - RM 16.00 (Small) | RM 48.00 (XL)
Serves with hot, clear, and light broth boiled with wolf berries, Dong Quai and ginger, the succulent lala comes in large size and is meaty on the inside. Infused with the fragrant from the broth, the meat is juicy and tasty the way a good lala should be.
Steamed Fish with Nyonya Sauce - RM6.00 per 100g
Being a fish person I do appreciate great fish dish. The steam fish with nyonya sauce here is a dish to die for. It is serves with really tender meat topped with really, i repeat really tasty nyonya curry that is awesomely fragrance and add flavor to every spoon you take.
Signature Potato Fried Pork - RM25
Actually New Peng Wah tend to have a signature dish for every different protein and for pork based, do try their Signature Potato Fried Portk. Thin layer of slice potato stir fired with ginger and chunk of pork and is served with brown sauce. I love how the potato have a mild crunch to it and is crazily good.
Salted Egg Sotong - RM16(S) | RM28(M) | RM38(L)
The salted egg sotong here is what you could expect in terms of taste as they do taste almost identical elsewhere but the one here in New Peng Wah is perfectly coated with not only thick or thin layer of batter and is mixed with generous amount of salted egg and not forget the sotong is juicy too.
Homestyle Claypot Brinjal - RM28
The brinjal is cooked with minced prawns, pork and sweet pea together with shrimp paste for that extra flavouring. Not a frequent brinjal fan, I do find this dish suit my liking. The extra crunch from the fucuk that act as a plate to hold everything in actually balance up the saltiness in it. The dish is aromatically fragrant even from afar and is mushy.
Signature Sliced Pork with Nyonya Sauce - RM28
The same (or similar) nyonya sauce did it again, but giving not just taste but also aroma to the already good dish. Bite size of pork slices stir fried and is serves tender and juicy.

Overall it was a really satisfying meal with every dish I enjoyed so much and ended up adding rice just to have more of em. I do think price wise are fairly tagged and is a restaurant I'm looking forward to this Chinese New Year.

Restoran New Peng Wah 
No. 15 & 17 
Jalan SS 22/19 
Damansara Jaya 
47400 Petaling Jaya. 
Tel: 03 - 7727 5288 / 03 - 7875 8987

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