Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dream House

Thank ChurpChurp for the invites to the premiere screening of Dream House at GSC Mid Valley on Monday night where many thought Dream House is a horror movie.
Dream house stars 2 well known star Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts and tells a story about a mystery home where murder took place, killing innocent lives.
It is rather weird to see the man known for his act in James Bond felt so helpless and weak in this movie.. The feeling is like seeing Adam Sandler in Saw franchise.. But anyway Dream House is a DRAMA and THRILLER genre so stop expecting the loud bang or frightening sudden appear on screen scene although the movie tend to use and exploit these element for better attention purpose I assume.
The first half of the movie was rather mind playing until the point where things were tweaked hoping that would impress the audience, which it went backfire I assume. The movie is all about mind game and if you can imagine it you'll get the shit..

Rate: 2.5/5

Monday, September 26, 2011

Love in Space

Initially planned to have a movie marathon with the following title Killer Elite > Love in Space > City on Fire. Sadly have to drop the third title because am freezing cold and rather tired running from north to south, east to west. The 2nd movie watched on a "looks like is gonna rain" Sunday was Love in Space a Chinese movie produced by Fox International.
Love In Space is an ensemble romantic comedy that follows a mother and her three grown daughters as they juggle their assorted love lives. Each woman is successful in everything except love - until they unexpectedly encounter new romances in Beijing, Sydney and even on the moon. (Source: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/love_in_space/)
Starring a few big shot like Aaron, Eason, Lun Mei, and the rest is pretty such to catch the interested among the Chinese community as these were not small potato but a very well known idol. The story revolves around 3 soon to be couple from how it begin to how it happen, with of course some comedy in between to sweeten up the romance among each other.
Love in Space is slightly below your typical comedy romance movie, in fact there were plenty more movie that would rock your sock off like the recent chic flick Bridesmaids.
Love in Space doesn't really melts your heart but it act as a good reminder to appreciate and treasure those that you care.

Rate: 2/5

Killer Elite

Killer Elite is a movie I wouldn't be interested in if it wasn't Jason Statham. Had the early premiere at MBO Tesco Village Mall in Kepong on a Sunday morning.
You see the best thing about Jason Statham is that he can make any lousy sounding movie good, and the bad thing about him is that most of the movie he acted in wasn't ass kicking at all @.@
You can't deny, Killer Elite collaborated 3 best "assassin" in one title and we the audience is ready to be kicked hard in the butt. Little did I know, I was pierce so deep into the brain that I "couldn't really brain this"
Plot was rather typical, and shooting scene was very "Statham" style. It begin with a high and interesting pace but such pace couldn't be maintained throughout the movie. In short, Jason is not Statham enough, plot is not mastermind enough, most importantly Killer Elite is not elite enough.

Rate: 2/5

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Will again break this into 2 part as I joined the Abduction Race just before the preview screening of Abduction (in GSC 1 Utama) starring Taylor Lautner, and if you don't know who the heck he is, he is made famous from a movie called Twilight (Team Jacob).
The movie cenetered on a young man named Nathan, who discovered that he is not living a life he thought he was when he found out his baby photo appear on a missing person website.
Wanting to seek clarification, he got himself into tones of trouble which causes him life of people around him. Not know what to do next nor who to trust, begin his journey to seek his true self.
Basically such synopsis can be found from the official trailer itself and it seems to be a one heck of masterpiece shit Taylor gonna go through. Sadly to break this to you, especially if you are Taylor's fan, I find not only the plot was lacking of creativity, but Taylor's act was still immature. It is just a movie that portrait Taylor as a muscular guy who knows Kung Fu. Beside that, everything doesn't really blend in well
Not to forget it have a what I would like to call it "forceful" ending, where the story ends with just a snap of your finger. It is still a watchable movie, but don't put high expectation on it.

* Whether it is Taylor Lautner or even Robert Pattinson, the movie wouldn't go far for its "not so new" plotted storyline, and it is not a matter of the cast even though Taylor have plenty to stuff to learn and master for his next movie.

Rate: 2/5

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Just night after Fright Night which didn't happen to hype me up for some reason, here I am again at TGV KLCC waiting for the screening of Warrior where it is more than just kickboxing and mix martial art, but also the life of few fighter.
Warrior tell a story about a broken family where both brother are set apart who planned to get back into the ring, an UFC tournament to cash in the grand prize of few millions for survival purpose.
If I could summarize the whole movie into 1 or 2 sentence, I don't see why they extended the movie to 2 hours and 20 minutes.. It was way draggy with plenty of unnecessary scene and 'grandma story'.. Even if you needed more time to elaborate, it is still best to keep it within 2 hours IMHO..
It is yet another "seen that, done that" plot and the only suspend come toward the ending scene of the movie. You need to be a dramatic person to enjoy the movie as you need to get into character to feel the punch and to feel the pierce toward the heart in such given situation. Other than that, you will be spotted yawning or leaving the hall with a disappointed face..
I am one who enjoy talented fight but prefer watching act that can be beautifully perform, just like wrestling.. Is the skill that I admire and the daring stunt that was pulled in front of everyone.. Warrior end with a battle where Bro vs Bro, where Skill vs Power as everyone expected from earlier scene.

Oh ya the screening invite was from ChurpChurp

Rate: 2/5

Fright Night

I don't know what happen to me but it seems that I'm getting lazier to update my blog lately.. But hey I'm back and back for good.. Here's my thought toward the movie Fright Night which I watched on Monday, and all thank to Nuffnang for the awesome invite..
Fright Night is a remake of the orignial film released in 1985, and it was actually a comedy horror film starring Colin Farrell..

Personally I'm not a huge fan of vampire, which explain why twilight is totally out from my list is it weren't for Jacob (sounded gay I know =.=).. Likewise Fright Night introduce nothing new nor jaw breaking moment, in other word, it is just your typical vampire hero type of movie, with of course the introduction of humour in between.
The plot was pretty straight forward but they never really go into details on the discovery, but still guess it is not needed anyway.. The CG was urm.. backward from this century.. I don't find them blend in at all.. I didn't manage to catch the 3D version but I was invited to yet another special screening of Fright Night in 3D with games and food.. Stay tune for that in next blogpost.

Rate: 2/5

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Kick boxing is a fast growing sport with hundreds of smaller events happening all over the country.Voltage represents an international class event that brings the only mix of local & world-class international fighters to Malaysians both live on site & via broadcast partners here and regionally.
Flyer A4 (Front Visual) FA 6th-Sept-2011


“The Most Electrifying Fight Experience”
When International STARS descend to Malaysia to showcase their skills in a global match up of professional kickboxing featuring WLF ALL STARS vs HEROES OF CHINA
DATE: Saturday, 24th September 2011
VENUE: Stadium Malawati Shah Alam
Doors Open: 6.00pm
Event Starts: 7.00pm
For more details on the event, visit http://www.voltage.com.my/.
Seating plan
Stadium seating map(update)
* Click for bigger preview
Here are the ticketing details
Ticket Prices: RM43, RM63, RM153
Online Purchases at http://airasiaredtix.com/
Rock Corner Outlets
• The Gardens, Mid Valley (TEL: 03 – 2283 4893)
• Mid Valley (TEL: 03 – 2283 1423)
• KLCC (TEL: 03 – 2161 9417)
• Subang Parade (TEL: 03 – 5636 9520)
• The Curve (TEL: 03 – 7729 6313)
• One Utama (TEL: 03 – 7725 5667)
Victoria Music Outlets
• Sg Wang(TEL: 03 – 2148 7208)
• Amcorp (TEL: 03 – 7956 0592)
• Tropicana (TEL: 03 – 7722 2955)
• BSC (TEL: 03 – 2093 1093)
AirAsiaRedtix Ticketing Hotline at +603 – 8775 4666. Hotline is operational from 9am-6pm during weekdays.
*Children of 18 years below must have adult supervision.
**Children of 1 year and above must have a ticket to gain entrance.
Being a wrestling fans myself I'm kinda look forward to the actual match that will be held on 24th which is approaching soon. Plan to bring along my GF but would such fight be too violence for her? We shall find out soon.
What's more this is more than just a fight. It is called MMA for a reason. There is no certain rules where you have to specifically stick to one martial art, you can use Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Freestyle and etc as long as you get to beat the hell out of your opponent.
Are you a MMA fans? If yes please stay tune to my twitter and Facebook as I would be giving away ticket to the fight too.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Drive is a slow pace but brutal movie and it comes with tons of artistic scene. The movie Drive is adopted from a novel with the same title, and has once failed attempt to convert it into movie back in 2005.
The movie is about a skilled drive who did stunt for movie as parttime, fixing car by day and steering getaway car for arm robbery by night.
Drive is by far the only movie that get himself involved in a robbery for a DUDE!!! Yea perhaps that tickle your interest by now..
When things go wrong in one of the attempt is where the killing and vengeance start! There weren't much tho..
As usual there will be some romance involves too in such movie because they could use love as to push the main actor further and more reason for killing and hunting.

Several famous website like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes have given a high rating but reviews from the premiere goers seems to be likewise.. Thus without expecting much I sincerely find the movie a worth to watch tag provided you could sit still till the end even there were plenty of 'power nap' section.

Rate: 3/5

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Johnny English Reborn

Thank to Nuffnang and ChurpChurp for the invites to Johnny English Reborn on Tuesday night at GSC Mid Valley where the hall I was in was newly renovate (I think) as I notice there were comfy leg room and space for people to walk through.
Johnny English is cast by someone we rather familiar with the name of Mr Bean is return, but is it for better or for worse?
Knowing that this ain't Mr Bean, hope that there are more fresh idea in this installment but it seems that it still ended up very 'beanish"
While many others may give an almost full rating I think it was just an okay movie with familiar joke, similar scene, and same old trick.
It is a smooth and straight forward pace where English goes up against international assassins who try hunting down the Chinese premier. Do check out how an important mission could turn into humour and how silly could turn into hero if you are of course Mr Bean fans.

Rate: 2.5/5

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mayday 3DNA / 五月天【追夢3DNA】

Mayday 3DNA or better known for its Chinese title 五月天【追夢3DNA】is yet another 3D based movie / concert genre or some called it backstage footage.
While I was quite disappointed with such genre because most of it isn't from any band that I preferred.. But still I rarely miss any premiere as you know, and here I am at GSC Maxx Premiere Screening.. It was my first time there and I must say it is a nice place with clean environment and comfy leg room.
The special part about Mayday 3DNA is that there is a fair amount of concert + story.. It is not like the backstage that we was already familiar with, and it is neither pure singing only.. There is some short but meaningful which include cast like Richie Ren, Rene Liu, and a Hong Kong actor..
Now this is where I really do feel 4D.. This is simply because audience is allow to bring in stuff that you usually see in a concert.. This is also where you can sing your heart out and nobody will make the irritated face to you.. Thus I'm not sure if you will get throw out of the hall if you stand up and jump, try at your own risk..
There was even at one point people start taking out their camera and snap photo, don't know if that is even legal but no staff was seen stopping any of them..
There is however only 1 or 2 person who blew the whistle given to them and what happen to the rest who have receive the whistle? I think we as audience still don't know (or rather not used) to making noise in the hall o.0
The best part about a 3D movie / concert is that it creates a live atmosphere where you can feel the hype at the comfort of your seat.. You too get to add in special effect to create a music video feel but when it is overly done, it might annoyed the audience.. Yes there are scene where I think such effect is a mess..
The song includes 恋爱ING,倔强,OAOA,温柔, DNA, 你不是真正的快乐 and few others which I couldn't recall.. I am actually not a fan of Mayday but I enjoy watching this movie..

*Note that you must at least listen to few of their popular song before watching it to enjoy your viewing pleasure..

Rate: 4/5

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Kingdom

My Kingdom is a Chinese movie based on the theme Opera starring Wu Chun, Han Geng, Barbie Hsu
Erkui and Guan YiLong are two orphans under opera star Master Yu. When the boys grow up, they set off for Shanghai to pursue revenge. They become sensations of the Shanghai opera scene but soon, their collective pasts catch up with them as they are entangled in a complex web of love, lust, deceit and betrayal.
It all beging with interesting pace but the momentum stops right after the brother get their revenge, reaching the top in the opera industry.
 The reason most (girl) wanna watch this is highly because of the cast that are deemed to be gorgeous while the reason guy watch this is to accompany the girls.. LOL.. Whatever it is, do not that this is yet another 'artistic' movie which mean you don't put high hope on interesting plot nor exciting scene. You have to view it artistically to enjoy it.

Rate: 2/5


Contagion centered on the threat posed by a deadly disease and an international team of doctors contracted by the CDC to deal with the outbreak.
In another word it is simply about virus spreading (like H1N1 etc..) and how people react to it.. The movie portraits several perspective during the outbreak and predict what are the possible outcome when it a virus that danger do spread in our day to day lifestyle.
Starring few big shot like Matt Damon, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and many more, is the main attraction (at least to me) while the plot from trailer itself is kinda predictable.
There are still very limited room for such themed movie and there is nothing new in it (except for the cast and angle of course) that will make this big.

Rate: 2/5

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