Sunday, April 28, 2013

Iron Man 3

Like how I always show off said you'll never regret joining @NuffnangMY community simply because they have plenty of reward for you and it just keep coming. I had the privileged to once again watch premiere screening a day ahead of the release date and all thank to Nuffnang
My impression toward the Iron Man movie franchise wasn't that good. The first part was somewhat entertaining because it was fresh, then Iron Man was a rather disappointing film in its trilogy so far, as for Iron Man 3 I wouldn't say it was that great as many claimed.
Stay out from here on cause it contain SPOILER!! 
Tony Stark's world got torn apart by a terrorist that make a name for himself called The Mandarin and had since then been separated with his loved one. What's worse, his partner, the war machine also failed to protect the president of United State. On a mission to save his wife, Tony went into hideout and gathered intelligence information about The Mandarin only to realize the real master mind behind all these mess.
Throughout the rather draggy 2 hours + of run time, can't help but notice there were lack of 'Iron Man' time and pretty much questionable mistake done. Take for example the heavily iron suit couldn't fly out of the locked wooden hut / door. Also if they could actually give more screen time for the different suit that Tony had, it would have make it much enjoyable.
Beside that, it was actually a pretty enjoyable movie minus the Iron Man suit. Plot focuses pretty much around the Mandarin and the mastermind and Tony desperate moment. Although I didn't watch the 3D version, from the overall scene and past 3D experience, guess Digital 2D is good enough for that 2 hours+ of pleasure.

Rate: 3/5

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sakura Kristal

Was yet another week of food review with the awesome people from and this time round it was held at Sakura Kristal at Giant USJ. FYI this is the first franchise outlet whereby the previous 4 outlet were own by the founder itself. Even Giant USJ were just recently relaunch with a new look on early January 2013 and Sakura Kristal were one of the pioneer shop that open at the same date to capture the crowd and to cater to those who are always on the hunt for great food.
It wouldn't take you long to notice that they do serve reasonable priced food here in Sakura Kristal with the huge bunting located on every corner of the restaurant. They were range from as low as RM8.90 for lunch set which include a main course with drink.
Sakura Kristal serves mainly local and western cuisine and offered a pretty decent dining set-up for that comfortable dining experience during rush hours. You'll never see the place vacant at any given time.
Shall we start dining now? The first dish serves was Signature Peranakan Seafood Curry priced at RM20 per pot. It is good enough to serves up to 4-5 pax (of course depending on how much you consume) for each pot and there's a spoonful of seafood in it. There were oyster, prawn, crabstick, squid, brinjal, lady finger, and long bean in the pot. Imagine how heavenly it could be especially when the thick gravy curry infuse into your plate of white fragrance rice. The dish can be consume itself as it is because it weren't too salty and has a strong presence of coconut and mild spiciness in it.
Signature Peranakan Seafood Curry - RM20
Next we have the Hong Kong Kuay Teow with Black Bean priced at RM8 per plate. Black Bean is known to be packed with protein and fiber which will keep you full and energetic for hours and it is rarely seen in our local cuisine. The method of cooking is pretty similar to the stir fried noodle and is finished with the black bean gravy. There were a fair amount of seafood in the dish too but taste wise I personally found that it is pretty lightly flavoured. There were lack of salt to give that impressive taste and thank to the portion of ingredient, it did gave some flavour in every chew. The Kuay Teow has a pretty smooth texture and had a wide surface.
Hong Kong Kuay Teow with Black Bean - RM8
Next on the menu is Pan-Seared Dory with Vinaigrette Sauce price at RM17 per plate. Though served with Vinaigrette Sauce which is a mixture of oil (olive oil and such), vinegar, and some inhouse seasoning. Serve alongside were fresh salad made with lettuce and shredded carrot and a fair portion of potato wedges. The Dory fish were soft and tender but there were a lack of flavour to it. The crispy outer layer may be slightly soggy due to the vinaigrette sauce but it was the same sauce that kept it moist.
Pan-Seared Dory with Vinaigrette Sauce - RM17
One of the highly recommended dish here at Sakura Kristal would be the Black Pepper Beef Fried Rice priced at RM12 per plate. Even though I couldn't consume beef, I did tried on the fried rice and man how I wish they have the chicken version of it. Being a black pepper fan, it is rarely to taste such a good fried rice without having the black pepper ruin the entire taste of the dish. It wasn't as spicy as some would have thought but I would prefer it to be slightly hotter. Notice they gave a huge amount of beef in the fried rice and the portion can be good for 2 pax of light eater that is.
Black Pepper Beef Fried Rice - RM12
This Thai Fried Soh Hoon may look like typical Fried Beehon is actually quite ordinary. Instead of beehon, grass noodle is being used and it is priced at RM10 per plate. Sadly this is the one did that didn't really impress me not because it wasn't good but because it was the common taste that often found elsewhere. It may also due to because I have strong flavour food tasted before this dish. There were also not as much ingredient in this if were to compare to the other dishes mentioned above.
Thai Fried Soh Hoon - RM10
The Indonesian Treasure on the other hand is priced at RM12 per plate and it come with not just Indonesian style fried rice, but also 2 pcs of papadam and 2pcs of fried chicken. I didn't get to taste the fried chicken but from the look of it, it is promising. The fragrance fried white is pretty darn good all by its own, there's no gravy required and it make you wanna lick the plate clean. As satisfying as it get, the papadam was sadly not as crispy as it should, it felt like it was left on the open air causing it to be soft on certain part of it.
The Indonesian Treasure - RM12
Another signature dish here in Sakura Kristal is none other than the Tofu Jong Kong Emas. Even though the name suggested there's tofu, it wasn't the silky soft type of tofu as I've expected. It was actually minced along with fish meat forming back the tofu shape with some seasoning, deep fried until golden brown. It is also served with chili sauce which I did not have as the tofu itself was sinfully delicious. It has the crispy crunch texture, chew-able, and is flavourful. Tofu Jong Kong Emas is priced at RM14 per plate.
Tofu 'Jong Kong Emas' - RM14
Crispy Brinjal which is priced at RM12 per plate did wonder to me. I never like and never take brinjal, but if you were there, you will be surprise that I almost finish most of the portion. Although named as Crispy Brinjal, it wasn't that crunchy. It simply mean it has been deep fried and served with some in-house condiment. Though slightly over salty, it really go well with the white rice. The miracle part is where you might not even fall in love with the dish or worse case not knowing that you're having brinjal.
Crispy Brinjal - RM12
Mango Crispy Chicken is something similar the your sweet and sour chicken and is priced at RM18 per plate. I think it was rather cheap for that price, you're actually getting a huge portion. Mango is used to replace the traditional sauce and it does leave behind a refreshing sweetness to the dish. Chicken were boneless so you could enjoy it like without hassle of debone it.
Mango Crispy Chicken - RM18
Chocolate Volcano doesn't met my expectation as I though there would be large amount of chocolate syrup would be blasting out upon cutting the cake. It was rather dry and the cake has a strong chocolate flavour with crispy outer layer. There's this Vanilla ice cream that would definitely add some moist to the cake and they weren't that sweet compare to other dessert elsewhere. The Chocolate Volcano is priced at RM9.
Chocolate Volcano - RM9
Bread and Butter Pudding on the other hand had a refreshing appearance and is priced at RM9. There were cubed fruits on top of it and is also served with a scope of Vanilla ice-cream. The bread was soft and filling at the same time. The fruits were however too sour as dessert but overall it was still a great dessert after a heavy meal.
Bread  & Butter Pudding - RM9
For those with sweet tooth, you may want to try their StrawberryTower which is priced at RM8. The gigantic dessert resemble ice-cream on cone that you could get in the market. The corn flakes used actually gave the crunch factor and the sinful dessert is sweet as it should.
Strawberry Tower - RM8
Berry Cool come in two size and is priced as RM7 for regular cup and RM12 for large size. It is actually a combination of soda and blackcurrent topped with slice of lemon. Be sure to stir well before consuming because otherwise you couldn't feel the uniqueness of the drink. It is gassy and refreshing especially after a tiring shopping trip in the hypermarket nearby.
Berry Cool - RM7 (R) RM12 (L)
Crushed Ice Jasmine is my preferred drink because it was simply a healthier choice and is price at RM7. It consist mixture of jasmine tea and honey. Refreshing as it should and it wasn't overly sweet according to my preference.
Crushed Ice Jasmine - RM7
The next time you shop at Giant USJ, why not drop by Sakura Kristal and tried the few signature dish I mentioned? It wouldn't disappoint you and your tummy.

Sakura Kristal
Lot no G14 - 15 giant hypermarket, 
subang jaya, 672 & 673USJ 1 subang 47500

Operation Hour
Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Together Vegetarian Restaurant

Without me realizing, yesterday was Earth Day! Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April annually, and with such great celebration, what have you done to contribute back to planet earth? If you're not creative person like me but would still love to do something to make the world a better place, why not go Vegetarian on this special occasion next year? Or if you have strong will you can go green every once a week. The number of vegetarian restaurant within KV has indeed increased as compare to the past and it is also a good sign to indicate that more people is aware that we need to do something to save the world. Beside being a hero, it is also for the better health for our own.
Together Vegetarian Restaurant is one of the place where you get not only meatless dishes, but also dishes that uses less flour based ingredient. Many had the impression that going vegetarian means consuming more flour, which really depend on your choice while ordering. Anyway was invited by to an exclusive food review at Together Vegetarian Restaurant (Puchong branch).
The restaurant offer a quiet and relaxing dining environment where you could really take your sweet time after a hectic rush from work and outside pressure. Theme wise there aren't much focus on that but just so you know, Together Vegetarian Restaurant do cater to wedding dinner and buffet catering at your designated location.
Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat
Without delaying much, here's the first dish we had for the night, Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat. Without informing, one might not even know this is vegetarian as it really assemble the real deal. It even have a similar taste to it simply because shark fin itself is tasteless and it is the soup that gave the strong flavour. It was as good as you've expect it to be. Thumbs up for the Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat. It has a thick and sticky texture. It too had a strong presence of herbal soup but if herbal isn't your cup of tea, you can always add in some vinegar to boost up the taste.
Fried Beancurd with Fresh Mushroom
Moving on to the Fried Beancurd with Fresh Mushroom, it was indeed drooling dish with specially made tofu that is soft on the inside, and fragrantly sweet on the outside. Its soft texture of the tofu taste really good all by itself and would definitely go for more.
Butter Abalone Mushroom
 As sinful as it look, the Butter Abalone Mushroom offered a strong aromatic smell while served. It was deep fried with in-house specialty together with butter and curry leaf that gave it an extra strong flavour to it. Crispy as it get, the dish got snap up almost instantly upon being placed on the table, you can imagine how good it is.
Red Enzyme with Mushroom
The Red Enzyme with Mushroom is a dish where either you love it or your can't accept the strong enzyme taste of it. For me the enzyme taste is pretty strong till a point where all I can taste is nothing but enzyme only. It wasn't something within my preference but don't let that stop you from trying because enzyme benefits your health.
Asam Fish
Asam Fish as you may guess it, has a rather sour taste. The dish was pretty spicy too but the ingredient used to replace the fish was pretty soft and tender. 
Curry Mutton
One of the highlight I was looking forward was the Curry Mutton with Bread. I could easily survive with nothing but just bread and curry, they are always the best married couple. The rendang like gravy is pretty thick and tasty but surprisingly wasn't spicy to my preference. The bun was slightly fried to have that crispy skin leaving the inner part fragrantly soft. Mushroom is used to replace the mutton of course and it was pretty hard to chew on.
Spinach in Herbal Sauce
Whether you're on a vegetarian day or not, you shouldn't forget the green vegetable. Spinach according to my understanding required alot of effort. A simple dish as such may look easy but the effort took to prepare one has to be very hectic. Thus kudos to Together Vegetarian Restaurant for not only serving spinach in its menu, but also serving it with a twist. I love how they mix herbal sauce to a simple dish giving that extra and unique flavour to it. Double thumbs up!
Sweet & Sour Fried Squid
Toward the end of the dining experience, we had surprise dish the sweet and sour fried squid. It was actually needle mushroom wrapped with a layer of dumpling skin, then another round with seaweed, deep fried and serves with sweet and sour sauce. The crispy crunch at the tip of  the mushroom is delightful whereas the sauce gave in some extra flavour. There is also the presence of sesame but was easily overwhelm by the seaweed.

In conclusion, Together Vegetarian Restaurant uses less flour based item but instead replace it with other original form of alternative like mushroom. It is crucial that you eat healthy and you eat right.

Together Vegetarian Restaurant
No 9,Jalan Puteri 1/4, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong

Phone: +603-8060 0465, +6012-2386800, +6012-6918118 

Operation Hours
Mon - Sun: 10:30 am - 3:00 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Brisik, an Indonesian Siamese based cuisine quietly located in the center of Jaya One. Seriously I've been to Jaya One numerous time but never really notice Brisik. It seems to be pretty quiet on its main entrance and was especially confusing on whether it was a makan place or merchandise / message shop. Well that's what I felt when I first step into the main entrance.
The reason it was confusing is simply because its dining area is located upstairs and there were some rather soothing set-up on the lower level as illustrated in the photo below.
The surrounding of Brisik is moderately decorated according to the restaurant theme. The space is big and good enough for company function and to cater for bigger crowd despite the close gap arrangement. The inner dining area is somehow pretty dim but would the food be good enough to compensate it? Let's find out more after the photo below

The first dish of the day is of course none other than the drooling fried based appetizer called Satagor. It is actually a made with minced beancurd, mix vege, chicken, and potato wrap together and deep fried until it is brownish, alongside with fried mushroom. The Satagor is pretty unique in taste but the were sadly overwhelm by the potato. It wasn't crispy like the fried mushroom and it is pretty "meaty" with filling. The price for Satagor is RM9 (3 pieces) and Crispy Mushroom served with Thai sauce is priced at RM11
Satagor with Fried Mushroom
Next dish served was undeniably one of Brisik's Signature dish and is no doubt to me that one of the best Satay I had so far. Instead of the wooden stick you often seen, it is replace with lemongrass for that extra aroma. The chicken was minced marinated with in-house spices and then wrap around the lemongrass before being BBQ over the fire. The best part of this is that it has no lean meat in this Satay. Every bite without the sauce is indeed satisfying. The Satay is priced at RM12
Chicken Satay
Still on the appetizer, we had some Kerepok (cracker) lookalike but instead of the ordinary ingredient (fish, flour, etc.) it was made from some vegetable which I couldn't recall its name. According to the owner, they are VERY bitter when eaten raw, but after the process which turn it into Kerepok, it is editable. I tried on one and love it immediately even though there's still slight bitter in it. This is the dish where either you like it or not, there's nothing in between. I think I finish the entire plate without realising. Texture wise, it was pretty similar to the other Kerepok we had, except that it wasn't that crispy in the middle part of it. This dish is priced at RM5 per plate.
Then come the main dish, there were several dishes serves at the same time, along with white fragrance rice to go along with. There were Pucuk Paku, Ayam Penyet, Dancing Fish, Gulai Kambing, and Tauhu Telur served to the table. Will go into every single dish in details.

The Tauhu Telur as the name suggest, is mainly Tofu wrapped in egg. It was fried until golden brown before serving it over a plate of sauce and is finished by shredded of cucumber and carrot for not just the presentation, but also the flavour to such a simple yet delicious dish. The Tofu has a soft and smooth texture that would definitely melt in your mouth whereas the outer layer leaves a strong egg aromatic behind.
Tauhu Telur
One couldn't miss Ayam Penyet when they're dining in Indonesian based Restaurant and so we had the Ayam Penyet too. The best part of this dish is that the Ayam Penyet (flatten chicken) is that it is boneless. The chicken is grilled and season with large amount of tomato with some chili for that mild burning sensation in your mouth. Not spicy to me to be honest but the large amount of tomato used, did in fact add on to the sweetness to the dish. The meat used were mainly from breast and/or rib. It was pretty unique in taste but I still prefer the usual Ayam Penyet I had and don't get me wrong, this is good, but my preference has always be fried food.
Ayam Penyet
Pucuk Paku is on of the green dish among all the protein we had. Stir fried with red pepper and topped with lots of sesame. It was very crunchy and there were a mild presence of sweetness in the vegetable. It wasn't any typical vegetable I usually had and would really die for more.
Pucuk Paku
Gulai Kambing is a curry based mutton serves on banana leaf. The outstanding part of Gulai Kambing is where coconut used to cook curry has been replaced with low fat milk and surprisingly not only it didn't ruin how curry should taste, it enhanced the flavour and also giving the right thickness to the curry. Is was indeed good as gravy for the white rice as it has spicy yet sweet and milky taste in it.
Gulai Kambing
The Sundanese Dancing Fish, as glamour as its name sound, is a dish that would definitely caught the attention of any diners, stopping others from dining, making way to feed the camera first before feeding the guest. Taste wise was however pretty dull to my liking, maybe due to the lack of seasoning. However the condiment served along did give the taste a boost and is a must dip for this dish. I for one didn't really fancy the Sundanese Dancing Fish simply for the fact that it was pretty troublesome to 'dig' in. There were fish bone everywhere.
Sundanese Dancing Fish
To finish the meal of the day we were served with a sweet dessert. Not sure what it is called again, but it is pretty close to our version of cendol. There's this milky based with brown sugar to add on the sweetness to the dessert, pretty decent nothing special except that it does feel and taste good given that weather nowadays is steaming hot.
As for the drink, we were served with pretty much few types of fruit juice, asam boi, and avocado chocolate.
Lemongrass Asam Boi
Asam Boi
Avocado Chocolate
Mango Juice
Papaya Juice
Watermelon Juice

Blk M, Unit 10, Level 1, Phase 1 @ Jaya One


Tel: +603-79586681
Fax: +603-79586681 

Operation Hour
10am-10pm (Fri & Sat until 12am)


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