Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sorority Row

Watched this at Cathay AKA my fav cinema this far..

The story is about a group of sorority girls found out that one of the girl's boyfriend cheated on her and they planned to play a prank on him.. When what's suppose to be a LMAO joke turned into a OMFG-this-is-not-how-it-should-be murder, the sisters promised to cover each other back unwillingly as what have been done cannot be undone..

Year later, everyone of them graduated, and this is when thriller began for the girls.. Everything that link to the murder of their sister came back to them, the killing tools, the jacket, the video clip, etc.. Some of them believe that it is the spirit of their sister who came back for revenge..

The rest you will have to find it out yourself.. All I can tell is the story started of quite impressive, but the director didn't maintain the impressiveness during the mid of the movie, like every new thriller movie, when you are prepare to be frighten you wouldn't likely get it but when you are not, be prepare.. Confuse? That's why you need to go experience yourself..

Will rate this movie 2 1/2 girls out of 5..

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