Thursday, December 18, 2014

P1xQuest with P1Connect

P1 had always been a preferred choice when it comes to Internet connection stability and affordability. P1 is more than just Internet Service Provider, it is an ISP that listen to you, engaging active community, and constantly held seminar aiming to aid anyone from personal interest to business owner on how one could utilise the advantage of the Internet.

One of the recent OMA (Online Media Associate) activity engaged was the tri-weekly video challenge which you probably have already read it on one of my entry here and just before the hype cool down, P1 had another engagement and this time round incorporated the element of treasure hunt alongside with historical moment of Malaysia.

A total of 6 OMA has been selected and I was lucky enough to be one of them and we were then separated into group of 2 at the assembly point in Sultan Abdul Samad Building. Despite the fact living here in PJ/KL for years, I am shame to admit that I was kinda worry cause I am not familiar with KL area, and there are only so many time that I pass by those iconic and historical venue. To my surprise I actually did pretty well, it seems that the pride of our nation had long been craved deep inside me.

To compete the competition, each team have to locate the checkpoint based on a given clue through our mobile and then we have to post ONE photo with the banner creatively and TWO other photo of the surrounding that you deemed interesting.

Checkpoint 1: KTM

Checkpoint 2: Museum Telekom

Checkpoint 3: Dataran Merdeka

Though it was sweaty hot during the race, it was also an eye opening hunt, is like looking at KL from the eye of a tourist cause these are some of the place I rarely step foot on, and the moment I set foot, I saw the beauty Malaysia had to offer. Would really like to thank P1 for the awesome opportunity and result would be announce in a few days time, all the best to everyone who took part.

Oh ya, do keep an eye on P1 Facebook and other social media platform, cause they might have more prizes to be given out. Finger cross and until next time, ciaoz.

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