Monday, August 31, 2015

#MakanMakanFoodHunt @ 1 Utama

1 Utama Food Hunt (with official hashtag #MakanMakanFoodHunt) is back and this time round introduce several wide variety of scrumptious food where you can dine in while you're shopping here in 1 Utama. Without further ado, less dig in toe less word and more photo.
Photo Credit to a.k.a Pancak (one of my team mate in EatSongMe)
1st Station - Little Fat Duck
The team decided to stop at Little Fat Duck since it is just nearby from the start off point and ordered a variety of different types of food to kick start the Food Hunt.
The Express Gourmet started off with a Food Truck concept and have since then blossom with nonstop demand pouring in every minute of the hour. With just RM5 for pasta, it is dirt cheap considering a satisfying meal in a luxury mall. Portion per serving was rather generous and is flavorful taste wise.

2nd Station - Moo Cow
Moo Cow is no alien to most of us, it is known for its flavour packed yet healthier alternative to ice-cream of Frozen Yogurt.
There's no better way to indulge yourself especially under the hot weather with homegrown Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt minus the guilt while you pamper yourselves. Moo Cow don't offer Frozen Yogurt but also Yogurt Drink too. With a wide variety of topping to pick from, you'll be spoiled with choice and having hard time to decide which to opt for. Every serving is accurately according by weight, so the next time if you get your Froyo (Frozen Yogurt) shorter it doesn't mean you are getting less, is just that the Froyo circling the cup perfectly at each corner. Price range around RM7-15

3rd Station - Curry House CoCo Ichibanya
As our appetite grew, the team decided to head over for a rather early lunch (for me) at Curry House CoCo Ichibanya. Do aware that this is not your typical Japanese Curry that you're so used to, the curry here are spicier than the one you had elsewhere and the level of spiciness is categorized among 1-5 with 5 being the spiciest.
I personally love their curry so much that I don't mind drinking it as my beverage, which I actually did and at Level 4 of spiciness, I find it still OK, not to the extend where I have to gulp water upon consuming the curry. Perhaps I am on who love and have been eating chili for most of my meal. Apart for the typical curry dishes, Coco Ichibanya do serves side dishes and dessert to aid sooth and smooth your meal.
Seriously if you love spicy and you love Japanese Curry, this is where you should be heading to next. Not only did it satisfy your craving, its curry is milky and rich yet aromatic.

4th Station - Myeongdong Topokki
One fun thing dining in 1 Utama have to be the ability to 'teleport'. Just moment ago we were having a Japanese Cuisine and the next thing we know, we're in 'Korea'
Myeongdong Topokki offer a wide array of food in its menu, ranging from list of appetizer to side dishes, full meal, snack and beverages. The serving portion is also pretty generous and each dish is unique in its taste profile. This is where the team got filled up to the max capacity but nevertheless it was a scrumptious meal we had here.

5th Station - Nana's Green Tea
Nana's Green Tea is known for it's Match, Green Tea powder originate from Japan. Started off with just a simple idea of giving option apart from coffee, Nana's Green Tea has since then blossom into a franchise business worldwide offering food item beyond just Green Tea.
With all year long hot spell in Malaysia, iced cold beverages and frozen dessert are among the popular food here. Nana's Green Tea version of ice-cream differ from others because it has very strong presence of green tea, rich and sweet at the right amount, served together with sideline like mashed red bean scoop, corn flakes, Match cube and several other version. The ice cream is served in a tall and big cup and to me it is good for 2-3 person per serving.

6th Station - O Banh Mi
O Banh Mi is where you find authentic Vietnamese food. There were however some minor hiccup during this stop of the food hunt but was sorted out later on.
One of the item we had here is their sandwich where the bread is fried and topped with a rightful amount of shredded vegetable and a choice of beef, chicken , or duck for its protein. It is flavour packed and love how they make their bread crispy. 

7th Station - Bisou Bake Shop
Bisou Bake Shop which has been relocated is where you could now easily spot with all bright and luxury atmosphere. Bisou Bake Shop collect pride with every slice of cake served so you could indulge here worry free.
Bisou Cake Shop offer a variety appealing presented cake and cupcake and it would be tough to decide which to go for. I had Red Velvet Cake and it was really good, it wasn't overly sweet and each later of the cake is consistently pack with a thin layer of cream sandwich between the layers. Am sure to be back for other flavour.

8th Station - The Library Coffee Bar
I been to Library Coffee Bar in other location but failed to notice that they serves good portion and delicious food item in their menu.
Beside just coffee as its name suggested, Library Coffee Bar do serves other array of drinks too. Their green tea was good but I would prefer it to be thicker. Food wise earn a few extra star in rating for its carefully decoration and presentation. Beside being gorgeously presented, their food are unique on their own, like spaghetti is toppoed with sardine, pizza based is replaced with pastry and the long amazing list continues. The next time you are here, don't just have your coffee fix, go on and kill that craving too.

9th Station - Quiznos Sub
Quiznos is one of the largest restaurant/cafe brands in the world. With over 2000 STORES WORLDWIDE & A PRESENCE IN 30 COUNTRIES, Q CAFE continues to be one of the fastest growing restaurant chains!
There is no way to better explain Quiznos without comparing it to Subway. Unlike its rival, Quiznos don't give you the option to mix and match as you like, this is to preserves the taste and quality of their food. The sandwiches here in Quiznos are honestly more flavourful and are prepared fresh upon order, ensuring you that every bite you take is as fresh as it could get.

10th Station - Betjeman & Barton
Betjenam & Barton is aspired to deliver the best french tea as well as french confectioneries (Cakes, Macaroon &Chocolate). This could very likely change the way you have your high tea.
You will be greeting handsomely right upon the entrance with catching and stunning atmosphere inside out. Everything you see and use here in Betjeman & Barton are neat and classy. No it is not just the atmosphere that is worth mentioning, their tea too deserves an applause and there were several flavour to choose from. The cake are served in a chocolate bar liked form and is rich in every bite. Beside indulgent in the mouth, I truly enjoy myself sipping off the fragrance tea despite running short in time on the Food Hunt.

With that ended my #MakanMakanFoodHunt at 1 Utama's second of its kind of activity for its community member. If you too would like to take part, do stay tune to 1 Utama social media platform.


Seriously I went into the Food Hunt with empty stomach and left 2kg heavier by the end of the 5 hours non-stop makan. Never have I tasted so many good food in such short period of time and I really do hope in future, we would have longer time (I don't mind a full day makan) and perhaps even more restaurant to dine in.

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