Monday, December 26, 2011


With Siri capability to interact like a human being, it is not doubt that tons of hours could be spent talking to your Digi iPhone 4S without noticing it and it is yet a best way to kill time.
With iDigi plan, besides getting your iPhone 4S at unbelievable rate, you actually mating Siri and Digi, making them best companion
Although I couldn't officially ask Siri why is she best companion with Digi, I can only guess that because Siri can't survive without the Internet and who else is better to get Siri connected affordable without hurting your pocket? Opps, sorry Sir but I think that's a triangle relationship that you've just got into.

DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

Many people who would be talking to Siri the very first moment they gotten their Digi iPhone 4S because that makes them feel less #foreveralone
Even though I might behave like majority (where we treat gadget as partner), the very first thing I would do with my Digi iPhone 4S is to buy her a nice dress, bring her out for a full "make over"
Maybe I would even add on lens to boost it camera functionality too.
This is what I would physically do. As for the virtual thing that I would do to my Digi iPhone 4S, it have to be (beside switching on, configuring it) downloading Digi App - I will yellow you and challenge my friend to it where loser buy a round of dinner.

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

With so many competitive phone to choose from, there is particularly 4 reason that I would go for the iPhone 4s

  1. Digitally Intelligent, Getting Integrity
  2. Ideal for business and leisure
  3. Gorgeous gift to pamper myself for all the hard work I've been through
  4. Impressive array of expendable feature with Apps 


It is now a trend that every profit seeker would queue up in product launching to ensure that he/she can sell the first spot to people who wish it was them but doesn't have the time geek would try their very best to be the first batch of receiving Apple products.
The road to iPhone upgrade
Imagine hours of wastage just to get a phone that you might probably change after a year / release of a newer version. Thus Digi came out with a plan where your iPhone would be deliver to your house!
Now can I get a Yay!!! Besides that, Digi too offer MOST affordable voice and data plan for Apple fans and subscribers. By now you should know how dumb a smartphone can be if there is no internet access right? If gets you no social update, no navigation guide, and etc.. What make your phone smart is of course the content that we obtain from the Internet and to archive so iDigi is your best option with no after bill shock
Seriously no more starving to pay off unexpected debtssssssssssssssssss
On top of the free call/sms to friends and family, you too get to enjoy 10cent/min call, 10cent/sms, 20cent/mms too.

With Digi not only widening but also strengthening its network coverage,
It is with no doubt that iDigi is your iPhone best mate,
With no hidden charges debate,
Have extra to donate,
And a happy smile that is never late.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Say "Tak Nak"

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Every puff you take to reduce stress,
Is a bluff to yourself in the process,
Don't take a muff of your life,
With stuff that will shorten your happiness.
Smoking kills, say #taknak to cigarettes and not your loves one.
Your biological clock is ticking, stop burning, stop wasting.
Do something better, like joining this very photo contest / duit free
Give life a better meaning, visit

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Although I receive an earlier invitation to the movie Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in GSC Mid Valley, but I gave it out to my Dad and waited for a much awesome option that comes with free pop corn and drinks. Thank to Magnum, BMW, and Esquire for hosting the same movie screening on the same night at Cathay.
If you are not aware of Mission Impossible, fret not, cause you don't know the previous plot knowledge to enjoy this. It is a movie with highly skilled spy equipped with awesome technology to aid their mission.
In this series however, the IMF is shut down by the government due to the bombing in Kremlin causing the team member to solve the case on their own with limited supplies and no support and to clear their names.
One of the best scene that I admire is where Ethan is climbing up the tallest building in Dubai. If again you aren't aware, there is a on going contest where you could win a RM10k trip. Details can be found here
Again, if you wish to get some awesome invite to future screening, be sure to follow Magnum on their facebook - and twitter -

Like The A-Team, Transformer, and plenty more, Mission Impossible is yet another makeover from the 80s TV Show. Now doesn't we the 80s baby have a great year?

Rate: 3/5

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Despite merely recovering from high fever, sore throat, flu and etc, still manager to pull myself together for the premiere of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows in GSC Mid Valley
It begin with Sherlock Holmes investigating a seemingly a series of unrelated crime in Europe which he believes that it all boil down to the same root - Professor Moriarty who is as smart as he himself.
What amaze me is that Holmes this time had a somewhat new investigation approach with various new type of disguise which would make you laugh so hard. As for plot wise, it is recommended that you pay full attention shall you not wish to get lost somewhere in between the criminal connection.
With his mate (partner I mean) getting marry in this series, would Holmes ever be able to investigate and/or think straight given that he is still #foreveralone? Would things get out of hand with such given situation for Holmes the daredevil who isn't afraid of death but not being able to out-think the mastermind?

Rate: 3/5

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Muppets

Pheww.. Had a very rush week and overall I've been dashing here and there for event, screening, and not forgetting friend :) Especially wanna thank my best buddy JJ, Chow, Joan, and Cherly for the specially warm treat during my trip to BlackBerry DevCon Asia 2011 in Singapore. But anyway, attended the screening on Monday for the movie The Muppets.
I guess the poster tell pretty much about the movie and if you're from the 90s and below, you are sure to recognise at least one faces here. Yes, these are the character that we used to watch and dance to during childhood.
The movie focuses on the muppets getting back together to save their once glory auditorium with the aid of a  loyal fan alongside with help from 2 adults.
The movie gathered few famous muppets and group them into a team before fleeing with "yet another saving adventure" journey. Yes, The Muppets is kinda old school / fashion, I guess that is why toward the ending part of the movie, they introduced current star like Selena Gomez, Neil Patrick Harris and others to make things interesting.

Sadly that wasn't sufficient and I have doubt, wonder if even children these days would even enjoy watching The Muppets??

Rate: 1.5/5

New Year's Eve

We are less than a month from reaching 2012, a year that some looking forward to while some is fearing that the world might end. No matter what, nothing beat the feeling of watching New Year's Eve few days in advance.
This is another series from the previous successful film known as Valentine's Day where it feature Hollywood's most esteemed cast. Let see who we have here on New Year's Eve... We have Halle Berry, Bon Jovi, Zac Efron, Ashton Kutcher, Josh Duhamel and plenty more..
It basically is a joyful and festival-ful movie on how several couples from different walk of life spend their New Year's Eve together/apart. How new friend were made and how loved one who leaves.
There ain't new plot / twist in the movie, but it still is a emotional movie to some. Emotional not because of the gorgeous cast, but rather the way how people spend their life with, the way how people say goodbye, and the way how people make magical happen.
If you're looking forward to end 2011 soon, this is definitely for you.. Get into the festival mode now at your nearest cinema!

Rate: 2.5/5

Sunday, December 11, 2011

[FREE] Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol invites

I don't know if you listen to my advice previously, but Magnum is back again with invite to the movie Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol at e@curve on the 15th December 2011 9PM. Trust me yo, when it is Magnum, you are sure to be surprised with what they had to offer during the screening night.
Here's how...

  1. Join Magnum Facebook page
  2. Register yourself here
  3. Pray and finger cross that you receive the notification
Is that simple yo!!! If you are those who missed the previous screening from Magnum, do make sure you don't miss this GOLD this time!!!

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