Monday, September 28, 2009

NSFW - Fashion Design

Ok in case you don't know what is NSFW

N - Not
S - Suitable
F - For
W - Work/Women

So this post is something that might be offensive to some, and not a readable / viewable material during work.. You have been WARNED!!

Fashion Design for Pubic Hair

If you can't view it click on the link

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience

Try entering "define:singapore" into google and you will get the definition of Singapore.
a country in southeastern Asia on the island of Singapore; achieved independence from Malaysia in 1965
I have never really been to Singapore, the very first time I went was like around age 10? o.0 and during that age, I don't visit a place and appreciate what I saw.. All that is in my mind is food and game.. Still remember during that time micro genius and nintendo.. And all that caught my attention back then was console gaming =.=" and not MRT, not sentosa island, not the nice scenery of Singapore, and don't even notice there is not chewing gum there..

WTF.. Can you see 2 dude floating on air (middle of the pic), I think there is some sort of performance that time.. For god sake, I don't even know where I took the photo, I only know it is in Singapore.. Time to refresh my memory, this time with better camera, and memory.. ^^

But as I grew up, only then I realize how stupid I was, I miss such golden opportunity to understand and to enjoy the uniqueness of Singapore.. Even though there is no such thing as "the grass is greener on the other side" but when I visit other places, I get to expose to different type of lifestyle, experience, culture, technology, system, and etc.. Hey, this is how we improve ourself right? Through comparison/competition, so it is a good thing.. ;P

Thus I would love to grab this golden opportunity to goto Singapore again (yea.. again, if you still assume that I visited Singapore), to visit this unique place, to experience what Singapore have to offer, to learn the lifestyle there, to enjoy the scenery there, to breath the fresh air there, to throw my fear (fear of being rob, threaten, beaten, pickpocket, and etc) away, to relax on a vacation, to have a nice and romantic trip with my girlfriend - Nini.. ^^

Since I have no memory and is not familiar with Singapore I need some suggestion and recommendation.. And so I did, I asked around and these are some place that I get (click on the photo to enlarge)

It seems that suntec, vivocity, sentosa, orchard, clarke quay was recommended by majority..
And here is the recommended itinerary suggested by

How I wish I could split myself into few and each one of me get to go and enjoy different places, but that would only come true if doreamon exist.. So I have to do some research and homework on my own itinerary plan.. So here are my list

***Drum roll***

6.30AM - View sun raise at east seacoast beach + enjoy then windy blow on my body (yea the sun is the same right? I know but I just wanna view the sun from different places/city/country with the same person till death torn us apart, that's why I wouldn't mind waking up early as I love doing so)

Seacoast beach

7.30AM - Breakfast and shower at Link Hotel (Where I will be staying and from their website it seems that they are up to international class and have a few interesting attraction such as rooftop chill place)

Link Hotel Cafe

10.00AM - Shopping at Takashimaya & North Bridge Road (Heard about Takashimaya from a group discussion and found out that Takashimaya is a big shopping mall where some Malaysian purposely go there and shop + dine, thus dead or alive I have to be there.. North Bridge Road seems to be interesting mall too as recommended..)


1.00PM - Lunch at Lau Pa San (This place should be something similar to Asia Cafe, Ming Tin I assume, and it would be a good choice too as I can taste several different cuisine and dishes in one go)

Lau Pa San

3.00PM - Sentosa (guess it will be very freaking hot during this time, and would be best to enjoy myself "underworld" will all kinds of fish.. It is also time for my leg to take a break as I don't have to walk to explore the huge "aquarium" :P)

Sentosa Underworld

5.00PM - Early dinner at Xin Wang (My friend pointed a knife on my neck to try on the Seafood Muifan with Pork Floss =.=")

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

7.00PM - Singapore Flyer (Just like Eye of Malaysia, a feature of Singapore, a great place to view the city from up above the sky)

Singapore Flyer

9.00PM - Clarke Quay (heard that this is a most happening place and full with entertainment and nightlife activities here, thus, I wouldn't wanna miss the opportunity to chill myself out here.. Not forgetting to have some steak here too)

Clarke Quay

11.00PM - Breeze Beer Garden at Link Hotel Rooftop (rooftop *drool* would be my first time experiencing this, chilling with the wind while having a good bottle of beer with the one I love most)

**Psst.. Since I know nothing (yea, zero in term of the location) much on Singapore, places that I planned for the day might be far apart.. Lol.. But is sure worth running up and down for the places mentioned..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Breast Enhancement

Where would you be staring at when you saw the image? Be honest please.. Well it is proven that guys love to start at women's breast and women like to have a bigger breast.. Why, if you asked a women and their answer wouldn't be far from each other, to look sexy, to boost self esteem, because guys love them, to catch attention.

And a simple "breast enhancement" entered into google will return you with tones of methods, ways, and tools, for archiving a bigger, firmer, and more attractive boobs.. The common one would be
Gel, Supplement, Cream

Or push up bra

and now even cookies (F Cup Cookies)

Now there is a new way (the cheapest way I assume), erm.. or should I say technology that is capable of aiding women who wanted to go for breast enhancement and it is called the Ringtone Breast Enhancement (RBE)

Human emotion is affected by the sound their heard claimed the researcher, and come to think of it, when you are watching a not frightening at all horror movie, you will chill in fear when the sound or background music is spooky.. I personally don't know how true this RBE thing can be but for those who are interested in breast enhancement could give it a try.. After all it is free, you could just get baby sound from anywhere.. If it work, feel free to post a comment here, or if you would like to sponsor to my as a token of appreciation of my finding, you are most welcome to do so by using paypal :p

Monday, September 21, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

Although I'm not celebrating Hari Raya, I am as anxious as eager as those who are waiting for the big day to come.. But instead of going back (balik kampung), I'm waiting to meet someone special that week, yea one whole week, so sorry to inform those who planned to ask me out or book me on that week (like I have :p), you need to find another date the week after.. Lol

GSC by far have the best deco for the Raya theme

Master Wong teaching his student

Anyway Selamat Hari Raya to those who are celebrating it and happy holiday to those who are enjoying it.. Might not be updating after this.. Will see how by then..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fully Filled Goodies Bag

There was a new magazine in town called I.M. Magazine, it was basically a magazine that introduce entertainment places in Malaysia (or Klang Valley?), and it have this official launch party in Bar Celona in Sunway Pyramid. There were Sony Ericson handphone as lucky draw prize, few unit of them, but sadly I couldn't stay long enough for it to end.. The place was choked with smoke..
But still they given out a small goodie bag that is stuffed with tons, and I do mean TONS of stuff..

2 pack of Munchy Waffle
Then we have N number of Colgate Total Plax..
There is thie M-150 Energy drink too.. They have a contest there where best track racer could win a car.. OMG how could I miss it..
Toothbrush holder.. Look nice
Some candies and gum
Scholl Odur Shoe Spray..
Whitening Night Cream from De'Putih.. Made in Malaysia if not mistaken
Durex condom, first time getting this from goodies bag, guess they want people there to play safe, incase one happen to hook a fish..
High School Musical 3 & Camp Rock sticker and notebook
Some voucher, including Bloop, MPH
Here are all the items stuffed into the pity small bag.. So full that it keep falling off

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Overheard Merchandise

Received a letter from RAM Entertainment, and it seems that I won a goodie back from GSC website for the movie overheard contest.. Yipee, but the office was quite far from my house, luckily I have client around there, so I could drop by and pick up my stuff..

The prize packed into a goodie bag, 2nd prize winner.. Let's see what I won

Ok a nicely printed notebook with high quality paper, very colorful and they contain all 4 movie poster - Overheard, Cyborg, Tsunami, Ninja.. Cool

There are also complementary passes to and RAM distributed movie all over malaysia, a wallet and a overheard T-Shirt. Don't like collar shirt so I donated it instead =)

There are also product of UrberMen worth RM50

Its Krrunch Time, Get Playful

Ok for those who still doesn't know what Project Alpha is, here is a short description

Project Alpha is the first Online TV Show unveiling the real faces behind Malaysia’s Top Bloggers. The show will take audience into various sneak peeks of bloggers’ lives, who they are, how they live, what makes them tick and where they derive their inspiration to capture the attention and interests of millions of online readers on a daily basis. The show will also try to uncover their darkest secrets which they keep hidden from their readers.

So Project Alpha in my own word would be unmasking and for the first time showing the real person behind all the lines of text and images (just in case some doesn't post their photo), and their personal life, also what and how they become who they are today. Ask you scare already or not - (问你怕了没)?

Anyway let's wait no time, this entry is hopefully I could get a pair of invites to the awesome night, where there will be featuring 60 top bloggers, and I could get some tips from them on increasing traffic to my blog..

Theme B: Krrunch Time at SCHOOL
How you can transform the situation in the most creative manner. You should inspire others to be more playful, instead of accepting a boring situation in the daily life.
Here's how

Sorry but I don't have the photo editing skill so if you couldn't see what's happening you can still watch the video here..

:p Well actually that is a rip off from other people idea..

Here's my version on how I would turn a plain boring class into a fun krrunch time. Instead of the student making prank or having fun krrunch time, I am the lecturer for a class.
I will have a theme everyday and that theme would require me and/or the students in the class to wear accordingly. Hey lecturer (which is also human) also wanna have fun krrunch too right?
Yea, sort of cosplay in class.. For example today's theme is Jesus, and I would have to wear like this

If the theme is star wars then it would be like this

If autobot then it would be this

So you get the idea right? Wouldn't that be more 'interactive' and 'colorful' to spice things up in class, and to make sure that everyone pay attention on what's the next theme that would be announce in any random time. Isn't that also a fun krrunch way to learn, to study?

It would be even more fun krrunch if the theme was Pokemon and some hot female student wearing this


Therefore instead of having a half full class of students like this

I will have a class full of student like this

To make things even hotter, best dresser will get to carry a basket full of Pringles, and it is not those typical flavor that you could find in Tesco, Giant, Carrefour, but are those flavor that are available oversea like bacon ranch, loaded baked potato, jalapeño, and etc..

**Additional Info**
For those who wish to win themself a pair of invite to the greatest event on blogging history, do take part too..
You can find more info here

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