Monday, October 25, 2010

The Child's Eye

I guess it is pretty sure what the movie is all about if you're superstitious person or if you are Chinese, and yea it is pretty much about ghost or spirit that can be easily spotted with a vision from children.
The selling point of the movie is well

apart from the 2 pretty lady (Rannie, Elanne Kwong) it is also because it is a first horror movie in 3D, am I right? or as what I've known off..
But apart from these attraction, is the movie any good? any value for money? I on one hand doesn't think so. Here's why.

1. Rannie ain't that good in her act when it comes to horror movie even though I never really see her acting in other genre of drama / movie, I'm still pretty sure that she did way better than she did in this title.Maybe she is better off playing role of a cute and gorgeous teen
2. Just because it is a 3D movie, certain number of animated CG was introduced to the movie and I swear they are not only stiff but fake too. It seems to be they just did it for the sake of the 'realistic' effect but hello how can you have a realistic result when the animation looks fake?
3. Loopholes, well every movie I have to admit does have glitches but common glitch shouldn't appear more than once and shouldn't be easily spotted. How on earth can a spirit / ghost have shadow o.0 and how on earth can a human shadow cover em??
That's what I think destroy the movie. However I do enjoy the first half of the movie when pace are starting to build up. Then when they discovered something new, it started to slow down the pace.

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