Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You Again

Any Kristen Bell fans here, even though I'm not I still think she's adorable even when the role play the "ugly duckling" in the movie You Again.
But before my thought toward the movie, I would like to rant abit, TGV did it again, bravo! They annoyed me once more.. Ok feels better now..
You Again tells a story whereby Marni's (played by Bell) brother is going to marry a girl whom was once a bully, and to be more specific Marni is her victim. Not only that the bride-to-be's aunt was somehow have had conflict with Marni's mom which spicy up thing a little more..
Come to think of it, what would you do if you were in such situation? Revenge? Start all new? No idea? Then maybe you can get some from this movie itself.. Oh yea there was a special appearance by an actor who is now quite well known in the movie industry..
There were however only a moderate share of humor and the rest were pretty much about past and present life.. It would be a greater surprise if you have not seen the promo video and it would be great if you are into such genre.

Rate: 2.5/5

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Mizi a.k.a SKELERTOR said...

can't wait to watch the movie.. it look mcm best!

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