Thursday, October 28, 2010

AmBank Inspector ATM Official Launch

Wow, thank to Nuffnang and this is my very first Glitterati Plus event that is sure to be wonderful. Attended to the event was several others famous blogger like Tian Chad, Suresh, Shanon, Edwin, Henry, and etc.. Sorry guys I'm bad at memorizing but promise would do better next time. Ok cut the crap shall we?

So what is this Inspector ATM all about?
So it seems that you could win something out of it $_$ cha-ching XD

It was actually AmBank getting involves into the social media or Facebook to be more specific. They would love to reach out to the millions of Malaysian after all we Malaysian has been reported to be the country with most frequent usage and with most friends. I've seen people with 4k friend.. @_@

AmBank Inspector ATM is actually a game, a contest where you could win yourself some iPad / iPhone. That's not just all, you too can win other cool prizes too.

To participate you need to first join and register yourself at AmBank Inspector ATM facebook (
Then head to any 7-11 with AmBank ATM machine and perform any kind of transaction that allows you to print receipt. Please do keep the receipt as you need it. After that snap a photo of you and the ATM.
Now score as much as possible to win. There are basically few ways to score, like getting votes, playing games, and performing more transaction in any participating 7-11 store with AmBank ATM. You don't need luck in this contest, all you need is effort. So no finger crossing required here
That's all for the launch
 Hey wait.. why are you running to 7-11 without me.. What the... By the way there were fun with games and activities all around Taylor's Lakeside campus where the official launch is held. You can also sign up on the spot and then be transferred into the cube where you could grab as many voucher as you could..
I manage to get RM20 KFC voucher and RM12 7-11 voucher.. Not bad for a starter.. Later on everyone decided to have a piece of the machine too before we head to the awesome restaurant run and manage my Taylor's student itself.
 Hope to see you guys tomorrow..

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