Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life As We Know It

Anyone know who Josh Duhamel (the main actor in this movie) is? Well he is none other than the soldier from Transformer and Transformer Revenge of The Fallen, and instead of another machinery shooting film, he is into a baby sister o.0
Life as we know it was an easy and slow pace movie, the jokes was okay and the storyline was touching at some point even though there were parts where it is very old school and kinda predictable.
So what kind of parenting will you get when you put 2 single person into the job with one being the playboy and one being the closest friend to the tragic parent? Overall I think Josh Duhamel did quite a good job in a different role from his past acting career but there's still plenty of room to improve..

Rate: 3/5


mi3ra said...

eh, the movie is out already ke?

Fallen Angel said...

Hi mi3ra
I watched the premier screening.. The movie should be out by this coming Thursday, do check it out at nearest cinema yo..

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