Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Adele: Rise Of The Mummy

As fierce as the title may sound, the movie is somewhat the opposite of what you've (or at least I've) expected / thought.
The movie is based on a comic book titled The Extraordinary Adventures Of Adele Blanc-Sec by French writer/artist Jacques Tardi. I don't know why the title was changed to Adele: Rise Of The Mummy in the movie which someone from the same hall that I was watching the movie earlier the night mistakenly it was the Mummy series which is of course not.

But come to think about it, the trailer too was kinda misleading in my opinion as there was only music playing and the music is heart trembling whereby there ain't even 1% of such rhythm in the movie. All you can hear off is the those funny and cartoonist type of song o.0 what the heck!
There was no pace if you ask me and the plot was rather weird. I think the original title suits the movie best as it was not all about mummies. It was Adele's journey, Adele's adventure, and Adele's encounterment! I guess the marketing team change the name to give the movie a brand new feel and a forceful rush to the movie, after all who don't get fired for doing shit?

Rate: 1/5


Jeremy said...

thnk god....i wanted to watch it after my exams....Guess Ill go for Megamind or just wait for HP DHP1

Anonymous said...

that bad?.. glad I read this first before watching the movie.. :D

Fallen Angel said...

Well Jeremy and Shirleen, these reviews are just based on my personal preference and there is no right and wrong, just personal like.

However the movie is not action adventure type in brief and is more to dramatic adventure :D

dmar91 said...

Just seen it at Downtown East and everyone fell about laughing. A great comedy if you like Western humour.

Del Glamiva said...

Funny/ weird!

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