Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well it seems that the heat is on! I don't mean not just movie but the heat of the competition from advertising network here in Malaysia. Thank to Nuffnang for the screening tonight, but there was a more competitive screening at the same night same venue but with some lucky draw whereby 2 Sony walkman was given away after the screening by a newly born company named Sirens and it was also their first screening. Will see if things can be consistence :D

Takers is yet another action movie staring few big names like Matt Daemon, Chris Brown, Paul Walker and etc.. It is about a gang who are highly professional to rob and take anything they desired. They invest plenty of time plotting and drafting the operation and make sure everything go according to plan.

They are really unstoppable because every robbery is executed almost perfectly. But when there's money at stake there's greed, and where there's greed there's betrayal. Kinda typical right? I ain't no sharing any spoiler here this is already in the synopsis of the movie itself. The question here is who, how, and why.
Action scene can only be seen on the beginning and the ending portion of the movie and the rest are more to planning, and some character build up.
Not overall the best movie but neither was it bad.. Was okay to watch except that the fight scene was rather shaky. Could have include a bigger twist to make things more heat up and to further wake the audience up as I see someone yawning in the middle of the movie.. Lol

Rate: 2.5/5

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