Monday, October 18, 2010


Endhiran is a Tamil word which also means robot in English, has caused a stir here in Malaysia before its release. The movie is I think a Tamil first highest budget sci-fi movie which involves the team from Matrix and etc.. Sound fierce..
As you can see the poster too does cause more effort than those that we (actually I :p) usually saw in Tamil film, so this is not a kids play.. So what happen before the release of Endhiran in Malaysia? Chaos! Fans have been seeking for advance booking of the movie because they wanted to watch first when it is release, but due to unforeseen circumstances, major cinema like GSC, Cathay, TGV couldn't do so until they receive confirmation on the screening right. On the other hand Lotus was holding a premier screening with the price of @RM60/tix that comes with pop corn and drinks which I think was also sold out.. But that was then, this is now..
The best part of the movie is to be able to see that film from this league is moving toward a better and much advance filming and the movie does hit the UK and US based on a search on the Internet..
However the story plot is kinda predictable and with much preshown trailer, you could basically gets not only the idea but also the effect from the movie.. Of course you too could expect songs and dance from it as well..
Action wise I think they should look into the area where it would boost the scene, like playing with angle perhaps that would eventually make fake things goes real.. Just like how Kung Fu movie..
GC was a mixture of good and bad but overall it was a good start, a pioneer in Tamil movie this I have to say., I think I don't get it is how the human formed snake digest what it swallowed?

Oh ya the song was somewhat clingy to the mind too but I guess I will need more time to fall in love with it.. The overall style can well, mostly be summarize by the following video

Rate: 3/5

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