Thursday, January 10, 2013

Young And Dangerous: Reloaded

The name Jack Neo seems to appear on every single Singaporean title, and likewise you would see the name Wong Jing in almost every Hong Kong movie here in Malaysia. The Young and Dangerous was make popular with E-Kin and Jordan Chan in the past and now the title is ready to set send fear down to the street with new faces with Young and Dangerous: Reloaded
The plot evolves around a murder of a newly recruited triad member who is also a "Drug King". The fight spark on simply because the Drug King raped and murder the cousin of Dai Tin Yee. After the murder revenge was assured leading Dai Tin Yee and his mate being haunted and wanted by other member from within the same triad.
It then crossed their mind that they would have to be recruited by one of the most respected head of a gang to gain protection and be free from all sort of harmful threat. Little did they know the head of the victim they murdered have more than revenge in mind.
A gangsterism movie isn't complete without a fight and sex, thus do expected some cut scene here in Malaysia. Plot wise is pretty gangsterism too with a fact that there's more words that come out from the mouth than fist being throw around each other where blood is flying around.

Rate: 2/5

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