Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The next day after my premiere screening of Hansel & Gretel, is yet another screening from Laksou this time round to the movie Parker staring Jason Statham & Jennifer Lopez. Le GF & I brought along a friend who came all the way from Switzerland to the screening.
It begin with what seem to be a masterpiece robbery turn sour when the gang member turn against one of its own named Parker. While trying to eliminate him for not agreeing for yet another bigger robbery, Parker manage to survive the killing and is back for revenge.
So when there's Jennifer Lopez, there's some expectation by some audience, while for me, I never expect much cause they will be censored even if there's any. Anyway back to the movie, the pace of Parker is very well draggy with most scene scouting & planning for what suppose to be a genius & interesting act turned out to be plain and boring. There weren't much action scene if you're expecting one like I do.
Beside that, there were much mastermind / twisted end in the plot and with that being said, I felt that Jason Statham is not being used to the fullest with all the weak storyline.

Rate: 2/5

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