Thursday, January 3, 2013

End of Watch

Finally we venture into a whole new era of 2013 and had survived the myth of 2012, so let this year be a great year. However like every year, life wouldn't be complete without movie, and what a day, on the first premiere screening of 2013 I had already a clash between Parental Guidance and End of Watch. In the end, decision have to be made and End of Watch it is, in GSC Mid Valley
Surprisingly the character in the movie is so obsessed with video recording on both side of the law. The movie is executed in a rather fresh way in the movie industry and genre and that is one of the reason (beside Jake Gyllenhaal) I choose to watch this instead. 
If you still have no idea how it is like, just imagine Paranormal Activity from police point of view. It started at a very slow pace and it stay that way till the end of the movie. To me it seems to be "plotless" or at least doesn't have a strong plot to have a movie in the first place.
The movie focuses on brotherhood among the police / partner and about their life behind the blue uniform and golden badge. It also portrait how a police life like on a day to day routine with their rounding and busting to keep the street clean. I know it has been highly rated, but personally I've seen much better version of caught on camera clip on internet and Most Shocking is one of it.

Rate: 1.5/5

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