Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Mama is a typical horror movie with no fresh plot in it and actually had a rather 'shy' & unrested soul wandering around our surface looking and searching and waiting for the unanswered answer. Gotten my premiere invite to the special screening of MAMA in the newly renovated TGV in 1Utama none other than @NuffnangMY and @Churp2
It all begin with a short story on the incident where the little girl met Mama, the unrested soul in a nearby woods. Being lose and being alone, they were brought up by Mama, thus developing an un-holistic characteristic.
Upon the discovery of the children, the plot then went on to a slow pace, introducing and getting to the reason behind the existence of mama. The pace went on and on throughout the movie with no potential fright element.
With that aside, the plot is rather weak too with not much to look forward to in the movie.  It seems to me Mama is more of an artistic movie of its genre with great scenery and ways of story telling but without a strong or fresh reason, it just failed to keep the yawn away.

Rate: 1.5/5

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