Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Tower

The Tower is a highly luxury twin tower seated at the center of the heart in Korea where people would die to get in for its highly exclusive view and experience. Little did everyone know, the tower's management and emergency system wasn't up to par as everyone would have expected.
The trend has done it again by switching from region over region and the current stop seems to me Korean. From Nobody to Sorry Sorry to Gangnam Style and now into movies. This Korean based disaster movie however seems promising with great scenery throughout the movie which CGI blended pretty perfectly on every angle.
Disaster was setted to happen on a Christmas eve in the luxury tower where a mega and surprisingly gorgeous party is held at. Hanging right in the middle of the sky, performance were simply amazing to not just those inside the tower but also those on the street. The scene soon started to turn ugly with an accident, forcing and putting fear in everyone nearby running for their lives.
The incident is a case where fighter fear most, where the tall flame were simply beyond reach with their machinery and the tower itself is lack of safety equipment. Thus it sent the staff and occupant to depend on themself to make it down and to make it out of the building.
The plot focuses on several character and their background to further develop a strong bond with the audience. Camera were seen to lock its target not only on the life of fighter who got trapped during the rescue mission but also those who were trapped inside be it the occupant or staff member. It also portrait on actual human behavour when it come staring death in the eye.

Rate: 3/5

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