Thursday, January 10, 2013

Win a Samsung Galaxy Camera

You've read about the Galaxy Camera here and is already amazed by it, now your mission is to be a proud owner with the condition that you wanna own it with minimum cost, what would you do? Well you're in luck, cause KFC is running a contest where you could not only win a Galaxy Camera, but also other cool prizes ranging from iPad to smart watch to even its finger licking good meal.
Contest Mechanism
- Create a Mexicano Fiesta video by using your own photo
- Pick either JJ or Ian as your dance partner
- Select scene and style of dance according to your preference
- Share among your friend and get them to vote for you
- Viola you're on your way to win big

Why you should join
- You wan the gadget so much
- You have tons of friends
- All your friends are true friend and are willing to spare you some time

Why you shouldn't join
- Never believe in voting contest, nuff said

- Samsung Galaxy Camera
- iPad
- Sony SmartWatch
- Family Combo Meal

Find out more here

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