Thursday, August 26, 2010

Step Up 3D

Special thank to Rebecca from Advertlets for the very special invitation to the premier screening of Step Up 3D but the title could be a little misleading as the screening wasn't in 3D.. Confused? Yes you should :p
Step Up 3D which also mean the 3rd installment is by far the only movie that I enjoyed sequel after sequel. Unlike other sequel movie, it gets boring after time as the surprise are all shown and revealed in the first installment, Night at the Museum would be one good example.
The story this time round focuses on the character Moose who was newly introduced in Step Up 2 whereby his talent was discovers by a new team named The Pirates
With that there were more awesome and yet cool new character introduced into the movie
Not only that, to add on the hype, they brought back the old character from Step Up 2 as well
It was truly an OMFG surprising moment, and that doesn't apply on the cast but also the skills and the creatively integrated "technology"

While it all seems good, there is however one lame thing, the storyline, it seems that Step Up trilogy (Most dance movie) shares the same style over and over and over again. One have the passion to dance but was limited to certain issues > Caught in love > Betrayal > Unite > Win. Lol.. Kinda predictable

Rate: 3.5/5 (None 3D) and I think it would be awesome to go up to 4/5 on the 3D version

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