Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

Like the movie this blogspot has a rating and it is Rated E (Note Everyone but rather Extreme)
Leave before it is too late..
Okay you decided to stay..

Under my umbrella ella ella eh eh under my umbrella ella ella eh eh
Now Umbrella Corporation is not your typical sweet Rihanna - Umbrella song, it is far more than that.. In fact it is as nasty as the 'corrupted' version of it

Cut the crap.. If you are a Resident Evil fans you will know series after series Alice is all about going after and trying to destroy Umbrella Corporation which is the main cause of the berserk..

So how could one defeat Umbrella Corp? Any idea?

I don't know about you but I think this is what I would do..

I would first get myself in disguise by getting a suit like this
Then befriended with kawan like these
Which would eventually lead me to the spec throwing guy in his office

Where I could steal his antibiotic that turn him back into human.. If you think I'm gonna kill him you are wrong.. Cause if I ever kill him there's no one/cure for those infected with the virus.. I need him to aid me in healing the rest.. Well of course I will take precautions to avoid him from killing himself.. Would make sure he work in a curvy and softy lab environment and there's no sharp object where he could harm himself.. Would also cling the "tongue protector" to his tongue so that he don't just bite it and kill himself too
Lol.. never knew such thing exist till I search.. If he refuse to work I would have to use the torture method.. How? It involves 2 steps

First get all Asian pretty girl to strip infront of him in a different room where he could see through via a unbreakable mirror..
Trust me, westerners dig Asian girls, and he will nose bleed
Immediately after that time for 2nd show
This time he would puke
He would then beg me not to be so cruel.. Lol..

And would like to Thank Rihnna cause her Umbrella song did reveal how to defeat/get them.. You will have to be under their umbrella :D

If you want to be few of the first to witness how Alice defeat these Zombies and/or probably Umbrella Corporation in 3D, your only chance it to take part in Nuffnang Screening Contest
Not only do you stand to win the coolest SONY 16GB Video Walkman that worth RM749, but you also get a chance to win awesome movie merchandise whereby no matter how rich you are, you can only owe it by winning it..

  • 5 x Limited Edition Resident Evil: Afterlife Lenticular Notepad worth RM 100 each
  • 3 x Limited Edition Resident Evil: Afterlife Army Water Bottle worth RM 200 each
  • 3 x Limited Edition Resident Evil: Afterlife Side Tool Waist Pouch worth RM 200 each
  • 5 x Limited Edition Resident Evil: Afterlife Belt Compass worth RM 150 each
  • 5 x Limited Edition Resident Evil: Afterlife PU Glove worth RM 150 each

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Teh Tarik Drinker said...

great post and all the best for the comp!

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