Friday, August 20, 2010


This month is the Hungry Ghost Month to the Chinese community and if you are one I believe that you are somewhat superstitious on certain matter. Pantang is what they called it in BM.. Even so I've been watching horror video clip after clip and also movie after movie.. And I just came back from yet another Thai horror movie titled Slice
Please note that this is not a ghost movie but rather a murderer type of horror movie, and it ain't scary, well at least not those where you will keep thinking of he will jump out any time soon type of scary.. It is scary in the way that gruesome scene are aired to the audience..  If you think chopping or slicing human flesh is demon's work what about slicing human's genital and stuff toys into his ares be? Beyond demon!!
The movie Slice is however filled with psycho, sick and inhuman as well as wicked mind.. Imagine a father raping his son.. Yes SON!! The film might be disturbing to some while it contain element like shemale, blow job, rape, muder, betrayal, and not forgetting masturbation..

Definitely not your family movie nor your couple movie..

Rate: 2.5/5

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ken said...

i dont pay to scare myself =P

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