Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grown Ups

Everyone grow up and this movies is ALMOST suitable for everyone.. Lol.. Almost cause it has quite some sexual element which might brain wash the younger one..
If you wanna have a ROFLMAO (Roll On Floor Laugh My Arse Out) session then you should start booking your tickets of Grown Ups this coming weekend, after all there's more reason to catch a movie when Friday is a public holiday for few states in Malaysia. Wohooooo~
The movie stars Adam Sandler, the same guy who starred in You don't mess with Zohan and Bedtime Stories (and more actually), and I don't know about you but Adam Sandler is like western version of Stephen Chow, cause by looking at his face could put a smile in me..
Grown Ups plot is pretty straight forward and simple. Character wise ain't big deal, very well executed. Sense of humor is like totally cool.. Even if you have watched the trailer a few times, you still will get ROFLMAO cause it has more to offer than in trailer.. But still going in not knowing about what's in trailer aid in maximizing your laughter.
Overall it is a movie worth watching (provided that you get 90% if not all the jokes) with bunch of friends, sure to have a great time..

Rating: 4/5


ken said...

with the set of comedian actors.. sure it'll be funny.. haha.. havent watch tho.. hope to watch soon =)

4 ™ said...

adam sandler is one funny bastard LOL

Fallen Angel said...

@ken if you have last week the sun newspaper, maybe you would wanna attend the free screening this Sat

@4tm it sure is

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