Monday, August 23, 2010

Android - What's the future?

If you are still no clear what Android is, you might probably wanna check my earlier post on Android - All you need to know blog post. It might not be the most complete guide but I strongly believe it is sufficient enough to get you started.
Android was first introduce to the market with the launch of Google phone - Nexus One and since then it has blossom into various other brand and model. With the recent announcement from Google that they have decided to discontinue Nexus One, it doesn't make the dead of Android, it marks the beginning of Android.
Could Android again change the market share or could android be just another temporary hype that will die off in no time? I guess I'm not eligible to give you a view on that, you are better off figure yourself. Only time speaks.
Android has a wiki page too if you want to read up more in depth about the Operating System (OS). Android is not just any OS but rather an Open Source OS which means one can take the source code of Android, modify (by adding in customized features) it and install it into any machine you could think off. Yes ANY devices. With the existence of Android, any phone can be turned into smart phone, any manufacturer can turn mobile phone into smart phone, and it doesn't have to be phone, it could be used on Pocket PC, Tablet, Console Gaming, TV, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, and etc.. you name it.. Here's some example of Android deployed in various form

1, Tablet - Dell Streak
This device has been launched in Malaysia wonder anyone manage to gets their hand on it yet?
Cisco has also announced that they will launch a similar device named Cisco Cius which its target audience are working people.
2. Gaming Device -  Sony PSP GO
Reports from Gizmodo & Engadget says that Sony PSP Go is preparing for Android 3.0

3. Android TV
It seems that world 1st Android based TV comes from Sweden

4. Android for any phone manufacturer

It has been known that Android is capable of running on mobile devices, but what I wanted to highlight here is that any phone manufacturer could actually port into Android. I need not mention the key player like HTC, Samsung on this, but rather I would like to reveal a local mobile company that is actually switching over to Android. CSL a Malaysian company that has been producing 'Malaysian made' mobile phone for the past years is too now running on Android. You can get more info on the specification here

There might be more hardware that will be running on Android which I've not mention here but you get the idea right? Android is not just your smartphone OS, it is beyond that, and with Android, anyone or anything can be turned into smart devices.

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