Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Expendable

If there is Sylvester Stallone then there's one thing for sure - The Rambo spirit.. The Expendable is one heck of good example, it has the feel of old school Rambo..

If you read my previous entry, you might have already know that one of the selling point of The Expendable is the number of mega star involves in the movie.. Any serious action movie actor you could think off is here in The Expendable..

However not all cast had a fair screen time, it focus particularly on Sylvester, Jason, and Jet Li in sequence.
The plot is kinda old school too and if you watch sufficient amount of action movie you should be smart enough to figure out the plot by now.. Lol..

Action scene was nice but insufficient due to the reason that there were more 'research time' than the rest.. Thank God that they didn't introduce each character in depth otherwise there wouldn't even be enough time for ass kicking scene..

Overall the movie was good but not great, it could have been much better if only there were more fresh storyline. Men would have like if not love this movie and girls might wanna stay out of it.. It also somehow would kill the thirst of those blood enthusiast fans..

Rate: 3/5

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ken said...

hoping to watch it soon =)

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