Thursday, August 19, 2010

Repo Men

Repo Men is somewhat similar to The Island back in 2005 where it is on getting an organ replacement so that one can live normally as 'human'. You see the concept is simple, your heart fails, you get it replace and you can live again, so are you dead or are you alive? are you human or are you a machine?
In this movie, human can purchase any part of organs, an artificial organ that is made of steel and replace it with the faulty organ in the body.. The catch is that these organs are usually freaking expensive that one would have to work your arse out to pay the bill, and when you don't they will be come macho guy coming to you and reclaim what's theirs..
What's interesting is that you could really feel the pain during the process of reclaiming these artificial organs.. What's not is that it is really gruesome cause they kill human like killing chicken.. And what type of gruesome are we talking about here? You can expect scene where one had to stuff his hand into a human body and search through the organs with his hand via a knife open wound..
 The story focus at a staff from The Union, a company that is providing these organ to the public.. and as usual when there's an actress there's love.. Lol.. and when there's love there would be a change in the game..
While so far everything might seems to be nice, there is however some glitch to the plot / technology.. Watch it and you would know what I mean..

Was kinda boring when it first have to introduce the character and technology and some cool / lame joke.. But later part was nice and had a wreaked ending too..

Rating: 3.5/5

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