Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vampire Suck

Vampire Suck is actually a spoof based mostly from Twilight trilogy.
The only good part of the movie is that their character are quite alike, the pattern the outfit and etc..
Apart from that everything else sucks! Here's how I can make this blog short.
If you are twilight hater you will hate this too
If you are twilight lover you will definitely gonna skip this
Since this is from the team who brought you scary movie, and knowing their style, you will have to know few other stuff to get some of the joke.

Rate: 1/5


almutarjimah said...

I thought Twilight's hater gonna have some fun laughing at this movie lol.. haven't watch yet anyway..

Fallen Angel said...

Well Twilight hater by right should be enjoying the show but once you watched it you'll know how stupid it is..

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