Sunday, January 31, 2010

Win a pair of authentic U2 watch in less than a minute!

** This is NOT an advertorial and I will be redeeming my prize this coming week. Will post up some photo after that, stay tune!
If you still think that I'm paid to write this entry then think again, once I posted photos of my prize, you might be crying your way to bed because most of the watches might have be won by others who follow these steps. Act now or regret later

In today entry I will teach you step by step on how to WIN yourself a pair of U2 watch in less than a minute, no kidding, no joining fee, no member fee, no crapping.

They are even having a huge discount on their eshop where you can now own the U2 watch that you admired all this while at a price you can afford.. Amaze your friend and relative this festival season by wearing it while visiting them.. :p Evil me.. Lol.. Visit their official eshop site at

Are you ready? Are you seriously ready to WIN? No you are not!! You want to see the watch first don't you? Ok here is it..

UG587 series for men

UL588 series for lady

Drooling aren't you? It cost RM678 market price and is a GREAT gift to pamper your loved one and yourself this Valentine!!

Now are you ready to be a proud owner of an AUTHENTIC U2 Watch? Here's how..
  1. Add me in facebook (:p this step is optional actually)
  2. Ok on a serious note: Join U2 Watches in facebook - Click Here
  3. Once done click and allow the application - Click Here
  4. Play the MOST simple game, just a test of your memory and speed
  5. Wait for the announcement
  6. Claim your prize
  7. Happiest Valentine or CNY ever!
Simple right? I think even a primary 1 kid can play and win too.. It is a way of rewarding its loyal fans.. So hurry up, join and participate NOW, there are still 12 lovely pairs to be won!


john brantley said...

U2 has been such an important influence in the music industry and for charitable causes. Keep up the good work fellas!

Anonymous said...

wat ur score

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