Friday, February 26, 2010

Solomon Kane

Had the premier passes to the movie Solomon Kane last Wednesday
But from the Malaysian version of poster, it seems to be like Zorro
The reason why I only blog about it today is not because I am busy but because after watching the movie, I don't / can't feel much hype in me.. Sadly I wasted almost 2 hour of my time in the cinema and nothing much from the movie that gets me beating..

A very brief story on the movie (on my own word / understanding so don't laugh ok), Solomon Kane is a dare devil, he is not afraid of anything not even the devil, but he once sold his soul to the demon to obtain powers (not really power though, just strength) to battle others.. When the demon came to redeem his soul, he escaped and since then turn into a good person, you know those who won't even kill an ant type of good.. But when things seems to get better, he was again forced to show his violence, killing and taking others' soul without a blink of an eye..

After reading it, if you still think it is nice, then probably I'm good with word that mislead you to believe that this movie is actually good and I have a lousy taste :p

Anyhow I would only give 1/5 and that particular star is for the special effect at the beginning of the show.

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Zephyr said...

another popcorn movie ler?

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