Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dell Studio Design - Vote for me

Despite there are many fierce competitor in this designing contest, I'm not planning to give up without at least trying to pull vote from you guys.. Hope you guys can support me and cast a vote for me..

Here are my contest detail

Vote for me at http://www.makeityours.asia/my/view_work.php?id=2579
I name this design "Back in Time"

Why I name it so?
This is a very well known classical yet popular game back then. The design is combine with another element that we are familiar with, 2 image in one where you will see different image from different angle. The design is called "Back in Time" is because it brings back childhood memory or some flash back to us. Still remember how proud you are when you own a pencil case that can pop up or the 2 image sticker? Well this design is to let you once again be a proud owner of your lovely notebook.

Every of your vote is very much appreciated - http://www.makeityours.asia/my/view_work.php?id=2579

Thank again!

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