Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blackberry the smartphone killer

Like everyone, I've developed my love toward Blackberry rapidly and here's the reasons why :-

Well don't know if this only happen to me, but I find women with or holding a blackberry are HOT, sizzling HOT, seriously..  I'm not making this up and you can witness it for yourself with the images below.
There is also this site (http://celebrityblackberrysightings.com/) where it show people using Blackberry and bear in mind, it is not any ordinary human being from the street, there are celebrity and even president like Obama is on Blackberry. Guess every successful person is on Blackberry, that pretty much explained when I am hunger for one.

The real all in one device
The mobile industry has became a stiff competition with plenty of model and brand blooming into the market, and everyone claim they have the best functionality and features. So what BlackBerry really is then? It is a phone, email, sms, organizer, address book, arcade, media player, picture taker, navigator, chat messenger, calculator, alarm clock, best friend and list goes on and on.. If you still have the lust for more features, you can always install 3rd party application into the device, so is like doraemon magical pocket, you can always get the feature you dream of by just installing a plugin.

Best Push Email
One of Blackberry's killer feature which can't be beaten by any other brand of phone. It is suitable for all level of user be it corporate or end user. Your email will arrive to your BlackBerry the second it’s received by the server. There’s no waiting around – your phone doesn’t need to login every 15 minutes to check if you have received new messages (wasting bandwidth in the case where there are no new messages). With BlackBerry, emails are ‘pushed’ to your device the instant they are received. It’s a beautiful thing. Don't know what I crapped about? Well maybe you could refer to the flow chart below

In layman term, you will receive your email immediately (almost) once the mail reach the server. Honestly speaking there will be only a group of people who will dislike or hate blackberry, and they are the employees.. Their excuse of can't check email or didn't receive email is no longer valid.

Battery Life
Like very good gadget, the battery life time is as important as the features of the phone because you have so much to play with and you will need a longer battery life to support what you've been enjoying.. Otherwise it would be a cut off in between. I can leave it on for days or even weeks and still receive my messages whenever there is any.

128 bit encryption is standard for all BlackBerry connections, which means no incoming/outgoing connection will occur unless you approve it. In practice this causes a slight annoyance – when you install a new application that requires data to be transferred to the 3rd party’s server you will be asked to approve the connection. It adds two clicks to your CrackBerrying (not that bad) but ensures your phone remains in your control (and not a hacker’s) at all times.
Security is of cause one of the major feature to be consider but is often overlook or ignore by user.. They wouldn't notice the importance of it until they become a victim of it. Even so, blackberry never keep quite and eliminate this feature. 

Now that you are clear off why everyone is crazy about blackberry (often refers to BB in Internet slang), now where can get one and make yourself to be one of the proud owner?

I know this is kinda late, but I just want to let you know how great it is that Celcom actually selling the all new Blackberry Storm 9520 at 50% off. 

This is what I call a sincere way of rewarding the customer.

Celcom has been promoting blackberry for some time now is not only sincere in rewarding its customer, but also have been consistently promoting a particular brand because they know what's best for its customer, and they are the trend leader.

For those who miss the launch promotion like I do, fret not, you can still own one with as low as RM216/month
You can find out more about it here - http://www.celcom.com.my/celcomexec/promotions/celcom_sales_2010_bb.php

With all the gorgeous features like push mail, calling, Internet browsing, SMS, etc etc.. You will need a telco that offer you WIDEST coverage, LOWEST rate, SIMPLE plan, UPDATED technology, and SINCERE, guess who have it all? It is none other than Celcom, that's why Celcom is the storm-tatic match with your BlackBerry.

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skelertor said...

yeah!! everyone must be craving for this new brand of phone.. included me.. but somehow i thinking from day to day about getting it one from celcom.. but i know for sometime people also get bored with that brand or phone..

maybe people would like the phone because of the trend people using it.. Nokia also have the same design and function as far more cheaper but why prefer blackberry still...

but i do love security features on blackberry.. because in case your get stolen, u can ask for your blackberry to be locked and detected it based on the build in GPS module inside.. i know this because right now i use to give support for blackberry used by thomson reuters staffs round the globe..

panjang tul comment nih.. arios

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