Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Percy Jackson: The Lighting Thief is gonna shock you guys

Well when 1st saw the trailer, I was thinking OK, this is yet another Narnia kind off movie.. The trailer was too short to judge anyway, but it was a good trailer, why I said so? Read through and you will know.

Just came back from the movie Percy Jackson: The Lighting Thief

Being a ex gamer myself, I think anyone who played any console gaming before would very much appreciate the movie.. There are plenty reason on why you will love the movie, stuff like

1) Cool effect
2) Something new*
3) Something fresh*
4) Plenty of unexpected stuff
5) Action + Comedy + Effect = WIN
6) It bring you into the movie
* applicable to those who doesn't or never read about the novel

All the while you will feel like you are exploring and hunting with Percy and the team, seeking ups and downs for item, teleporting, flying, and etc..

I never really enjoy a novel to movie based type of movie this far and I have to admit that I really enjoy catching this movie, not only for the breathe taking effect, but also for the new world that the audience gets to explore.

Here are some awesome scene (SPOILER)
 Trust me, you will have to beg, steal, rob,or even dance or do whatever it takes to gain entry to the cinema hall to catch this..

 Despite the failure after the first 20min of the show start, it didn't kill my mind and it didn't stop me from getting excited thought I felt disappointed as my fav cinema is facing technical issue not only on one hall but all the hall showing this premier.

A solid 4/5 star from me.


Capo Grande said...

i wanna watch that movie before, and i wanna watch it more after ur review...huhu...

Fallen Angel said...

Thank for taking my word (review) seriously, but I'm pretty sure you will very much enjoy the movie liek I do..

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