Sunday, February 21, 2010

72 tenants of prosperity

Chinese New Year (CNY) is half way through already by now and we have the remaining half to go before the Chinese celebrate Chap Goh Mei, which also mark the very first full moon of lunar year. Wonder how was CNY (or the holiday) to you? Me on the otherwise have been enjoying and relaxing till the MAX throughout the week. Also manage to catch the movie 72 tenants of prosperity
First time catching a movie outstation and was impress with the up to standard seats. Anyway get back to the movie, like every CNY there is a few titled will be screen according to the title, either it is Action, Comedy, Love or whatsoever, they do target the CNY audience, and 72 tenants of prosperity is one of it.

To fully enjoy the movie, you have to have certain level of background knowledge. You have to know who is MJ, you must know who is Jackie Cheung and some of his song, you must know how CNY is like, you must have watch Ip Man before, and bla bla bla.. You see the movie is somehow quite similar to Scary Movie where the director took scenes from different movies and combine it into one, and that pretty much explain why you need to know at least the mentioned stuff to get the joke.

Another credit to the movie is that there is no side/background actor/actress cause the movie features tons of HK superstar from the 80s 90s and up till current popular star too.. It is a good laugh for the family and quite a relaxing movie.

Think will give 3 angpow out of 5 cause it bring the CNY feel to the audience.

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