Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Laptop Contest

* Jadi follower ~[ WARNA WARNI KEHIDUPAN ]~ [DONE]
* Buat satu entry di blog anda bertajuk "My Laptop Contest" [DONE]
* Copy banner "My Laptop Contest" (save image saje..x glitter pun xpe)diatas dan letakkan di dalam entry anda dan juga di sidebar blog anda. Jangan lupa link kan gambar banner tersebut ke entry ni yek.. [DONE]
* Letakkan gambar laptop anda dan sebab mengapa anda suka dengan laptop anda di entry anda [DONE]
* Apabila selesai, sila tinggalkan komen beserta link entry anda di ruang komen di bawah. [DONE]

This is my "notebook", why I put a quote there is because my notebook is no longer portable. Then why I still love my notebook?

Because have done wonders and still continue to do so even the LCD screen is broken. Despite that, as a proud owner I never would and never think of disposing it because I still need it to aid in my work. The functionality and feature of the notebook still work like charm. Without it I couldn't even be sitting here posting this entry. Hope it will bring me luck too.

1 comment:

Sharina said...


tq sbb join my laptop contest!

nama peserta terbaru akan diupdate k.

Good Luck

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