Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Universal Soldier: Regeneration

Universal Soldier is like Superman except that he can't fly.. How I know? Cause I just watched it yesterday night. Not only I won the movie passes, I also won a goodies bag from Era FM too.. Cool ^^

Note that I have not watch the previous series of Universal Soldier so my view toward this movie will be purely on the regeneration installment itself.

First of all there were too many imaginary gruesome scene (not till the end part of the movie though).. Why imaginary? Cause you will have to picture it yourself take example when someone is killed by slicing knife through his throat.. The way the director shoot it is like covered up so that you will have to think for yourself..

Next up the shooting style is like playing any console game. You navigate around a compound, you shoot, you kill, you proceed.. There were several wrestling move too which I enjoy very much with style like powerbomb, armbbar, hurricane throw, and etc

But don't get me wrong, I'm getting excited not because I enjoy the movie that much.. I don't know if the director is trying to preserve the look and feel of the Universal Soldier series or he was using the technology back in the 90s where the first installment was introduced.. The technique, technology, and even the background music is somehow old, at least that's what I feel..

There is nothing much to shout about this movie either.. I shall put 2 bullet through the movie (2/5) for the effort of creating massive blood split scene..

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Anonymous said...

I'm so gonna watch this movie next week! =)

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