Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

Long is the new trend, in fact long has always been among us be it in terms of trend or desire. Don't believe me? Take a look at the image below before you conclude.
Cases of the longer the merrier

Even the monster from Legion REFUSED to be outdated

The trend where once everything gone smaller and tiny has long gone. Nowadays the longer you own the better you get.

Let's find out what long means to me, and why I like it Longer.






Satisfaction and lust fulfillment


Solid yet Stylish

That is why I like LOVE the longer LG Chocolate phone (BL40), one and only phone had it all.

So long is the new black, long is the new talk, long is the new dream, long is the new fashion term. Live long LG Chocolate Phone BL40!


Dylan Phuah said...

good luck!

a1zudd1n said...

gd luck :)

Fallen Angel said...

Hey thank Dylan and a1zudd1n

DaHLia said...

hahaha... the picture..huh

good luck 4 you

miss keroppi said...

interesting post~~ huhu..gudlark~~

Precious said...

Good luck!

Joshu@law said...

nice! =)

Anonymous said...

i think we hv a winner! huhu geat post ;)

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