Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Did your parent ever ask you this?

- Why are there generous people sharing files with you for free? (referring to p2p)
- What is blog and why do people blog? Isn't it a personal diary? (referring to blog post)
- What is social networking site so addictive? (referring to facebook, friendster, twitter, myspace, etc)
- Why is everyone using twitter since facebook look and feels better? (referring to easy navigation)

Why so many why? Because the idea of relating some of these stuff back to the traditional way just does not apply for the modern technology.

Take example blogging, it is more than just your 'personal diary'.. A blog could be a source of related information with immediate update thru your email.. Tech Blog, Sales and Promotion Blog, Contest Blog, etc.. these are blog where it target specific reader who are into the same genre..

But sadly I don't have answer for my dad when he asked me so because I can't think of a satisfying answer myself.. o.0 WTF right.. I mean like Twitter vs Facebook, what is there to answer? Preference? Majority?

Well from my personal experience facebook has indeed more functionality and less complicated compare to twitter.. but when you learn all the @ and RT and tweetdeck, you will find twitter addictive too.. So why choose twitter over facebook?

For me it is because
1) Majority of the blogger tweet
2) Because friend update only on twitter
3) Twitter loads faster, because it is lighter
4) Addictive

As for facebook it could be describe in one sentence. Reconnecting you back with your mates. That means you get to see how they look like recently, event they will be attending, and stuff like that.. Sound like stalking huh..

So what's your description on such issue? Do share as I would like to read on how would you answer your parent when they asked you something similar..

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