Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Artistic Ghost

Based on various horror and ghost tales from universities, the film centers around students who encounter paranormal events that haunted in their university. They must fight against their fears and scary things that looming around them.

The real problem here is the director tries to make this horror movie into something artistic, you know something that not many people appreciate much and worse still, everyone in the hall is prepare to get frighten.

Haunted Universities is very similar to phobia where it contains multiple (4) stories in one movie, but this it suppose to have a connection between the 4 story.

The good thing about this movie is that it have all the setting right for a scary movie.

A shrine in the girls toilet

The elevator which is painted by blood

Night shift at the corpse room

The stairway

Well like I said who have not heard a bout a ghost story where the ghost haunt in the toilet, the elevator, the hospital, and the staircase?? I'm pretty sure that we all heard plenty of toilet ghost story during our school time.

Since the setting is good for this movie, what went wrong? The ghost!

The ghost just doesn't seems right, first is the weird makeup, then follow by the cloth, also the weird hairdo, everything about the ghost is just not right.

One of the sub-story doesn't have ending it seems. Maybe that is to cheer the audience up but well 90% of the movie the audience is laughing honestly. Is comedy the new horror? It seems to be after watching 4bia, phobia2, and haunted universities.

Rated 1/5 for Haunted Universities.

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DC said...

Sounds bad, lol!

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