Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Was happy that I got a surprise invitation from Nuffnang and United International Picture for the very special screening of Bridesmaids in Cathay e@Curve, it was indeed an honour to be in the screening.
Glad that I push Treasure Hunt aside (and Glee 3D unintentionally) for this movie. Honestly speaking from the poster itself the movie seems pretty normal, even the trailer was so so only.
Bridesmaids is all about a girl named Annie who's heart broken and broke being picked by her best friend to be maid of honor, who have to go through expensive ritual. To make things worse, she have to deal with one particular maid of honor who make things even tough for her.
Not long at the beginning of the movie, there was a "potong stim" scene where the sexual/foul scene was censored in Malaysia. Things started to get back its pace pretty soon too.
Seriously this is one heck of comedy movie of the year. It is a totally female version of craziness who put aside their gorgeous image and pull of stunt joke that will make you fall off your seat. There ain't much I can (or know how to) write without giving spoiler. Definite this is a MUST watch comedy of the year, but bear in mind you'll have to deal with several censorship if you're watching in Malaysia.

Rate: 4/5

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Miss Sunshine Kelly said...

this is movie all girls must watch

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