Sunday, August 7, 2011

Street Fighter X Tekken Preview

Headed for a very exclusive event on 6 August 2011 - The Preview of Street Fighter X Tekken, a yet to be launch game for the Playstation 3 and a game that had caught the attention from both Street Fighter and Tekken fans.
Originally venue is suppose to be @ Sony Center in The Curve but has later moved to a bigger and better place - Red Box, The Garden.
There was also food served buffet style, although previously during The Infamous preview session there were Starbucks coffee, I somehow prefer food :p Which explain how my belly come along.

 Thank God after few event that staff me for not having enough food, this time round I have a satisfy lunch =)
Took some desert to open up my appetizer, and I know desert are meant for last, I just love doing it opposite way.
Now come the main course, can't have enough of Nasi Lemak and Fish Chip..
The setup @ event hall
The drooling screen that everyone wish to try out but can't because we were suppose to wait for the opening first.. Argh!!!! This is just a beta release and these are by far the list of character available.
Waiting for more participants..
Just can't stop staring at it and drool myself dry..

Some of the basic command to prepare us while we drool
And finally let the game begin.. Oh ya there were preview of Captain America and Bleach too but pity em did not really get the spotlight.

Everyone was queuing up to get the hands on Street Fighter X Tekken

Only a small amount of people try out others game because of the long queue.. Lol

There were already tournament going on elimination style. I did register for it but cancel it off later because I'm running late for a survey that earns me RM150 for 20 minute of questions :) Anyway here's some random video that I managed to capture.

Overall the event was great but as for the game, after several try out, I felt that it would be greater if there were more character to select. Don't bother whether there will be any less use character, we just love seeing a list of known character :) Beside  that the game is kinda "Street Fighterish" but simplified moves. Perhaps this is something they should look into?

Special thank to Sony Entertainment Hong Kong and Sony Entertainment Malaysia for making this happen and, Hardwarezone, and GameAxis for the invites :)

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