Friday, August 26, 2011

Final Destination 5

Now who don't know what Final Destination is all about? If you don't then you're probably newly born. This famous horrifying 'accident' franchise has craved its name into the bone of many and had plan to go ahead to produce its 5th installment. Notice that lately movie screening is held in KL area and this time round in TGV KLCC.
Like all its franchise, a few survival from a falling bridge soon found out that they can't cheat death. Sound familiar? It sure did.
It has nothing new to offer in terms of the death mechanism except for the new group of people who have no idea what they are about to go through for cheating death.
This is quite redundant  and I find it quite unattractive because I can guess what will happen even before the screening itself.. How nice if they could include something new to reboost the hype toward the movie.
Some people still find the way each one killed was gruesome but to me I find it nothing much to scream about. On top of that I felt that in this series, death is feeling little generous and thank to Malaysia censorship board, there aren't much you can really see / feel.

Rate: 2/5

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