Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Legend of A Rabbit

Well well, what can I say, the very moment I saw the poster of the rabbit, I can't stop thinking that hey this is very "Chinese". Look into the tiny little eye of the rabbit and you'll notice what I mean. Legend of A Rabbit was indeed a China made animation, first that is beyond terrible (according to what I'm aware of) but still below par.
Despite knowing it is this is not a DreamWorks production, one wouldn't stop comparing (or worse thought) this with Kung Fu Panda. For those who thought so, this is NOT and the movie is played in Cantonese language here in Malaysia.
Was is good? Depending on how you view it. To me it seems to be a good start and the movie has plenty of room for improvement. The plot was rather simple and straight forward which is kinda boring in a way. The element / character in the movie looks familiar.
The rendering wasn't smooth enough and there is still this VERY obvious feet not touching ground / palm not gripping object scene. Look I don't usually spot movie mistake but this is too obvious.
The movie last for approx 90 minute which is not too short nor too long, but I also notice that there were quite a number of not necessary/draggy scene which was intended to make the audience laugh but ended up quite annoying.

Rate: 1.5/5

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