Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spy Kids 4D

Spy Kids 4D as is the 4th installment for its Spy Kid trilogy and as the title suggest it comes in 4 Dimension format. What's 4D technically?
4 Dimension is a combination of 3D with physical effect according to source. These physical effect can range from movable chairs, raining drop, wind blowing effect and etc. Spy Kids 4D introduces the 4th element in aromatic form.
The first thing that came into (technically) every dude's mind is "Yay I can now smell Jessica Alba" but disappointment awaits you if you're one of em.
Each individual will be given an Aroma-Scope with numbers on it. What you need to do is to scratch accordingly when the number appears on screen. Personally I find it kinda irritating because when you're 1) forced to look for tools to scratch 2) search for the number in a dark hall 3) take your eye off the screen. The worse part is that most of it smell the same and it smell like bubble gum (except for number 7 that stink if I'm not mistaken).
Spy Kids trilogy never impress me in anyway for as far as I could remember and it was proven to be true again in this series. While the plot has nothing new in it, the CGI doesn't blend in too well. It is as if you were watching a Singapore made movie.
As a conclusion, there is nothing really special with the aroma scope except to get the kids hyped up and to get em curious on it. The movie is more toward children oriented I must say with majority of kiddies plot.

Rate: 1.5/5

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