Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lulla Man

Lulla Man was release at 4 August 2011 in Malaysia but because of movie clashes, I have to give it a pass despite receiving several invites. Reason of doing so is because I had never watch any Thai comedy romance before and dare not take the risk until today.
I miss the beginning of the show because I was rushing over from GSC 1U for Cars2 screening, but I guess it begin with 3 married man who's always out late night with girls apart from their wife causes suspicious among their wives and decided to team up to investigate.
Thai is famous for its horror movies and not forgetting some Kung Fu styled movie (maybe there's also romance genre but it did not get through Malaysia censorship board), but how well is this Lulla Man?
So what's the 3 married man's plan in executing a plan that would benefits them and at the same time avoid being spotted by their wife. Watch how things got out of hand (yea kinda expected and saw this coming) and what happen when their wife found out what really going on behind their back.
Lulla man is a movie that portrait how one would scarifies everything for the one they loved. It also convey the message that one should appreciate what you have and cherish that moment together in a comedy manner. But dude are always dudes, they will never change, once they tried they'll never stop

Rate: 2.5/5

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