Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens

Special thank to Nuffnang and ChurpChurp for the special screening of Cowboys and Aliens happen 1 day before the actual release date at TGV KLCC. There is one thing I don't quite like for screening is KL and that is the jam also not forgetting the parking. Good Lord I did not took the LRT as there has been some hiccups right before the show start
Cowboys & Aliens isn't an attractive movie title if you asked me and if it wasn't from the director of Ironman and the cast feature "James Bond" I might event skip it.
It begin with this dude named Jake (Daniel Craig) woke up in the middle of the dessert having no clue where he come from or who he is, only thing is know is that he is wearing a weird metal bangle.
Soon not only he found his way to a cowboy town, he too caught himself into trouble and end up being caught and imprison. This is where he got his shot to become a hero with the aid of his bangle (which automatically weapon up) when the Aliens show up. You see up till this point, the director try to get you suspended and curious on all these question mark.
Did it succeed? Is a no from me because these are some sort of familiar story that I've seen several times. The CGI wise was okay but not to the extend where it is impressive. I however felt that there were more human and sci-fi elements in the movie. There were sadly always quite a large amount of scene dedicated to story / character building.

Overall: It is an enjoyable movie. It is also curiosity that kill that cat because I wanted to see how "Bond" get pawned by the Aliens XD

Rate: 2.5/5

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