Friday, April 23, 2010

The Crazies

I know probably I've said this before, but heck, The Crazies is a new level of horror movie. It is not your typical type of zombie movie, but the cause is through some sort of infection.
 Please don't judge this wrongly, it is NOT, I repeat, NOT a zombie movie. However is it a movie that is kind off frightening even though they used the same old frightening method
So what is it in this movie that make the town so haunted? It is about your neighbor and family gone crazy (infected with polluted water) that will go after anyone alive, they will haunt you and kill you alive.
Now that is one heck of infected fella who wants a piece of you..
Why I love this movie? Because it goes straight to the point with action and less talk.
There is action after action where it keep the thrill in me and at one point of time, I jump so high when I got frighten. wtf..
Seems familiar? Like I said there ain't new element introduced to the movie, is more on escaping and action..but still it was quite an enjoyable show.

Though it didn't manage to make me crazy after watching it, I would be crazy to not to give it a higher rating. I think it is somewhat higher than 3.5 but lower than 4, so 3.8/5 will be the best. Lol.. I'm not crazy for giving such rate, is jt is just a tough decision..

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