Saturday, April 24, 2010

Samsung NX10 Aftermatch

Thank Shaz again for the special invitation to the official launch of yet another innovating product by Samsung at Ciao Cafe somewhere near ampang. Oh ya thank Shaz again for picking me up from LRT station, you are the best bro..
It was casual yet classy place I have to say, and Shaz even think of throwing a birthday party there.. Lol.. Get to Mingle around before the official start and I went around shoot around and I saw Jia Han.. But he will come into picture later, let me go according to flow.. So they have this display unit of NX10 for people like the pro to play with and here it is..
Slowly the crowd started to pour in and the place was filled.

And what's behind the stage was a golf field, golf anyone?
Ladies and gentlement, let the show begin... We have Mr Yu head of Samsung to give an opening speech..

Followed by a speech by the marketing director.. but before that say hi to Shaz who is playing with my camwhore digicam
And now the marketing director
All the others directors joined in for a Q&A section before we head for the showcase... oh my..
Have you seens Shaz's gear by the way? It is one heck of "big canon"
Yay, is party time, time to catch the showcase, and wait everyone is busy shooting the themed model and I could barely squeeze in, so here's some shot that I took from out of range
So here we are in an air-conditioned room, and this is the digicam section
and this is the pride of Samsung digicam range.. I happen to own one (the one I'm using it to shoot these lovely photos), does that make me a pride owner too?
And here.. is the wall of photo frame
Since it was so crowded I went out to take a breath and I saw model posting.. OMG
Finally get a chance to take photo of this highly anticipated section, the NX10 area
Model showing off these awesome gear..
And model with lastest product from Samsung
Oopss.. Guess Jia Han's photo is not in my cam.. Doesn't matter you guys don't want to see that anyway right? Well that's pretty wrap up the event that lasted around 2-3 hours.. Really appreciate Shaz for all these very exclusive event and am looking forward for more..

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