Friday, April 23, 2010

iTalk WHOA party aftermatch

Approximately 2 weeks back, I had to push away all my appointment, even my date with premier screening too, and guess why did I do so? Simple, I just refuse to be left out from iTALK WHOA party, is party yay.. The party was held at Borneo Sunway and I must admit, not only they have a wonderful location and deco, they serve good food too..
Classy ain't it? Since I arrive early as usual, I wonder around busy talking photo until I spotted a familiar face
Hey it is Ewin from
How are you there buddy? You don't look good that day.. Then my sense told me that I am gonna see Jason Goh from too and I am right about that. Picture later on..

The stage and do you see what I see? DRUMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! Yeah baby..
There crowd has not pour in yet as you see and the night is calling upon
They even have this iTalk station for guest to play around and to register. Oh ya did I mentioned that you get RM5 credit immediately upon signing up? Hurry register for one now. You can read my previous entry about the key feature of this portal. Bet its gonna amaze you.. I tried on it and there's NO word that could precisely describe how clear the call is.
It doesn't take long for guest to experience the platform, and they are so hooked with it that they didn't notice that the party is started..

Sneak peak at what is in iTalk WHOA portal
Our MC for the night, pity her, have to scream to attract people from the clingy iTalk station, WHOA!!
Ok finally, some 'party' crowd for the photographer.. As for me, I'm photographer for the photographers :p

So let's officially begin the party with an opening speech from TM, and it was his birthday too that day
I thought I thought I saw Jason Goh
I did, I did, he is Jason Goh!! But pop, you are on cadid camera..
The team was there to kill our doubts
"Wait wait wait wait..." Some game going on

So it is a transfer ice from cup to cup with chopstick and to finish the cup of juice fastest to win game.. Spotted more familiar faces here.. We have and tallboyz
So bring it on baby..
Snap snap snap, flash flash flash Nikki the Bangsar Boy was there too??
Before I shout Pop, pop.. I heard people shouting Jeff!! I turn around and guess what it was Shaz from Xfresh FM..

and that was his gear.. awesome right? The trend of 'carrying a kancil on your hand' seems to become common nowadays..
Now it is Bunkface time.. WHOA

A final song from the band before everyone wrap up the night.

It was indeed a WHOA party with WHOA food, WHOA band, WHOA goodies, and most importantly WHOA people from all walk of life.. It is like an exclusive night for all the famous blogger around town to gather, except me of course.

Am looking forward for its upcoming event.. Until then, let's WHOA with its platform

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